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Yard Cannons for Outside Storage

The following cannons are designed to be placed outside on display in the elements with a minimum of maintenance.

Non- Firing  Full Scale 1841 Six pounder Cannon
Mounted on 1800's wood Ships Carriage

Three in stock now for immediate delivery!

Cenment Yard Cannon for sale

This cannon is a very real looking replica of an 1841 six pounder mounted on an 1800's ships carriage.

The barrel is 64 inches long with a 3 inch bore.

The overall size is 71 inches.

The barrel is made out of steel reinforced concrete and cannot be fired.

Barrel weighs about 250 pounds and carriage weighs about 80 pounds.

Overall length is 71", 38" wide, 31" tall. The carriage length without cannon is 42" and 26" tall.

It was made for outdoor display and it will look outstanding in your yard or in front of a store! 

The barrel is painted with enamel black and carriage is made of fir wood and stained as shown for outside use.

Cenment Yard Cannon for sale   Cenment Yard Cannon for sale


Priced at: $2,195 US$ + shipping

Located near Houston, Texas!

Cement Cannon for sale  Cement Cannon for sale  Yard Cannon for sale 

 Yard Cannon for sale  Yard Cannon for sale  Yard Cannon for sale


Cement Cannons for sale

Note: The cement cannon and the carriage can be purchased separately at $1,195 each!

We also have "partial" cement cannons available for displays!

cement cannons for sale  cement cannons for sale

Non Firing Mortars and Yard Cannons here now!

Non-firing Mortars Yard Cannons

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