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US 90mm "project" Cannon being delivered June, 2012

United States World War II Twin 40mm Bofors anti-Aircraft cannon 

Twin Bofors 40mm WWII project cannon for sale!    Twin Bofors 40mm WWII project cannon for sale!

      This is a twin 40mm Bofors gun and mount.  This is the fixed mount, not the trailer mount.

We currently have a trailer mount available too that is located in Finland, as well as the restored twin Bofors below.

   The gun and mount are in good restorable condition. 

 Reconditioning was never started.

These guns & mounts are tough to find, impossible to import, and this particular gun is now in the USA and we can assist with delivery. 

This gun is very similar to the one below that we are selling for $26,000 right now!

Twin Bofors 40mm WWII project cannon for sale!   Twin Bofors 40mm WWII project cannon for sale!

The United States Bureau of Ordnance purchased these 40mm twin-mount air-cooled example directly from Bofors, which arrived in New York on 28 August 1940. The gun was quickly chosen as the Navy's standard anti-aircraft weapon, and the Navy secretly imported a set of Imperial designs from England and started production them illegally. A formal contract with Bofors followed in June 1941. The resulting Mark 1 and Mark 2 weapons were intended for the left and right side of a twin mount, respectively, and were adapted by Chrysler for water cooling.
Sold 4/12/2014

WWII Hotchkiss Mle 1934 25mm anti-tank gun.
Sold 1/8/2013

Beautiful live fire cannon chambered in 50 BMG. Rounds cost $3 each as compared to the 25mm rounds that cost $110 each.
The gun is in fantastic condition both cosmetically and functionally.

You can see this gun being fired at:


Elevation and traversing gears operate smoothly in all directions.

Gun and carriage weigh approximately 1000 pounds.
Overall length of the gun is 12 feet and it is 3.5 feet wide.

 It is possible for one person to move this gun around and set it up by themselves.
Very accurate, affordable and fun gun to shoot.
Live ammunition can be used for shooting at targets or blank ammunition can be used for salute firing parade use, theatrical use or for reenacting. 

No special federal paperwork required for purchase.

This cannon is considered a single shot rifle by ATF and would transfer to an individual on a standard 4473. This is done at your local gun shop!

The photos tell it all!
Sold 1/8/2013
Gun must be shipped to FFL license holder (your local gun dealer) and then delivered to you.

Very rare World War II Japanese 70mm Type 92 Mountain Howitzer
World War II Japanese 70mm Type 92 Mountain Howitzer

This is a very rare and extremely hard to find World War II Japanese Mountain Howitzer.
World War II Japanese 70mm Type 92 Mountain Howitzer  
This cannon is in quite good original condition.

All it needs is a little clean up and it is ready for display! This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history!
World War II Japanese 70mm Type 92 Mountain Howitzer 

It was the most commonly used howitzer by the Japanese infantry units (its official name was "battalion gun"). Simple, sturdy and light, it was the ideal weapon for combats in difficult area. Its main role was to provide a support at range exceeding those of the mortars.
Its maximum elevation was 75 degrees and it could lob shells behind any obstacle. On the other hand it could also practice direct fire.
Through racks, it could be lifted or lowered for respectively indirect or direct fire.

Its anti-tank abilities, even boosted by the arrival of a shape charge shells, remained insufficient, but despite the rumors on the Allied side, the Japanese remained satisfied with it until the end of the war. The Chinese continued to use it until the early 1950's the examples they had captured in 1945.

  Japanese 70mm WWII Type 92 Mountain Howitzer for salel   Japanese 70mm WWII Type 92 Mountain Howitzer for sale  Japanese 70mm WWII Type 92 Mountain Howitzer for sale 
Note: The piece has been demilitarized to BATF specifications and it is completely inoperative, but could be made into a sub-caliber firing gun again without much work. Some photos taken before the demilitarizing was completed to BATF specifications.


Japanese 70mm WWII Type 92 Mountain Howitzer for sale  Japanese 70mm WWII Type 92 Mountain Howitzer for sale  Japanese 70mm WWII Type 92 Mountain Howitzer for sale
World War II Japanese 70mm Type 92 Mountain Howitzer
The above photo are US troops firing a captured piece!

Caliber: 70mm
Weight: 212;kg (466lbs.)
Range: 2,788 meters

German World War II Flak 37mm Anti-Aircraft Cannon

Sorry Sold

German 37mm Anti-Aircraft Cannon for sale from WWII

June 2012

"This former World War II anti-aircraft gun imported to the USA by The Cannon SuperStore has become a major attraction at a museum filled with operational World War II aircraft and has been featured on ABC News".

Restored World War II French Puteaux 1937Anti-Tank Cannon!

French World War II Anti Tank Cannon for sale

Professionally converted to a .50 caliber shooter and BATF demilitarized for 25mm. 

This GREAT cannon was recently exhibited at various military shows and is currently on exhibit at an Indiana Military Museum.

The cannon has a custom machined, full length .50 caliber barrel insert and that is fully functional and it fires with great accuracy.  
The gun has all matching parts.
Camouflage paint design.
Weighs only 700 pounds and is easily trailers with a jeep or other vehicles. 

French World War II cannon for sale 

     The French 25mm SA.L Model 1937 was an improvement on the 25mm Model 1934. These anti-tank guns served France up to the German invasion of 1940. They were captured and used by Germany and its allies including Vichy France and Finland. In German service, the cannon was designated 2,5cm PAK 113.
These cannons were in service in the North African Campaign and in the Finnish war with the Soviet Union. During transport, the shield folds forward and locks in place by a coil spring and handle. The 25mm is fitted with both iron sights and optical scope. The 25mm SA.L 1937 has several unique features. The tube is fitted with a single baffle muzzle brake plus a flash hider. There is an exposed spring around the tube. This is part of the Hydro-Spring Recoil Mechanism. During setting up to fire, the wheels lift up, lock in place and a steel dish pad under the axle drops down giving the cannon three points of contact including the two spades on the split rails and the pad. Two men can easily place the cannon due to its light weight. Elevation and Traversing handles are within easy reach with the trigger and safety located on the elevation handle grip. These cannons appear to have been imported into the US from Finland over 60 years ago. In addition to the Puteaux oval serial plate, there is a Finnish plate on each split rail.
Caliber - 25mm(0.98 in)
Length of tube - 1925mm (75.8in)
Traverse - 37 degrees
Elevation - -10 degrees to +26 degrees
Weight - 310kg (683 Lbs)
Muzzle velocity - 900m/s (2950 ft/sec)
Maximum range - 1800mm (1970 yds)
Shell Weight - 0.32kg (0.7 Lbs)


Hotchkiss 13.2mm Anti Aircraft Gun

Hotchkiss Anti Aircraft Gun

These great Hotchkiss 13.2mm Antiaircraft guns are complete with steel mounts are demilled. They come complete with 2 guns each.  They are very heavy. 

The two gun carriages alone will weigh approximately 900 pounds each.

Dimensions: Guns are 67 inches x 10 inches x 6 inches wide - each - with two per unit of course. 

Mounting carriage dimensions: 52 inches x 54 inches x 48 inches each.

Sorry - Last one Sold - More soon.

Live Firing World War Two Anti-Tank Cannon

US 37mm M3

WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon

We are selling this complete, immaculate, live firing, World War II Anti-tank gun that comes with ammo, the reloading equipment, 50 lbs. of powder, shells and projectiles.

Sorry, this sold in a few hours.  We may have another one SOON!

A HUGE 4.7 inch Model 1906 United States Field Cannon
Used in both World War I and World War II

We have an extremely hard to find US Model 1906 4.7 inch Field Gun available for immediate delivery in Michigan.  This cannon is in good condition for its age and ready for restoration.  It is complete as shown in the photos and has been in one families ownership for over 50 years.

 Sorry - Sold - May 27, 2010
   4.7 Inch US Model 1906 Cannon
 We are interested in buying another one!

 A Museum Quality 40mm Bofors Anti-aircraft gun!

Certified demilitarized, located in Europe, and ready for export!

These guns is in absolutely fantastic condition, complete with tools, spare parts, utility boxes, custom covers, new tires, new original ammo holders in their original  boxes, shell casings, and various other accessories.  They can easily be towed anywhere and includes the towing lights and hook up cables. 


This one is sold and is in the USA now! 

All three are sold - but we are searching for more!

1918 U.S. 155MM Schneider Howitzer

1918 U.S. 155MM Schneider Howitzer  1918 U.S. 155MM Schneider Howitzer

1918 U.S. 155MM Schneider Howitzer used in WWI & WWII. Totally demilitarized to BATF Regulations. CAN NOT BE MADE TO FIRE! As it sits the gun is in its WWII configuration with the balloon tires. She is fully restored to U.S. Army-CMH (Center of Military History) Standards. It retains its breech block and handle. It is known as a "bag" type gun due to the powder charge being separate from the actual projectile when being loaded. This is a beautiful Artillery piece one of the best you can find. Has been lovingly restored inside and out and would look great as a monument or in any collection!

Sold March 22, 2007 for $16,500 US$

World War II Russian Torpedo 


Russian Torpedo from World War Two

A World War II Russian Submarine Torpedo - inert but complete!
 Approximately  11.5 feet in length. 
It is 17.7 inches in diameter
The estimated weight is 800 lbs.
Sold August 3, 2010 to EK!

40mm Bofors Anti-aircraft gun!

Demilitarized, located in Europe, and ready for export!

This gun is in fantastic condition, complete with tools and many accessories, and ready for display!  Priced RIGHT and we can ship it anywhere where it can legally be imported!

Sorry - Sold the first day 10/25/06

Sorry - This fine gun sold in less then 24 hours. If you are looking for any WWI or WWII cannons - Please contact us and get on our wanted list.  We are also looking for ANY  type of cannons for sale or to place on consignment on this website.

Two German Flak 38 Anti Aircraft Guns


Sorry - Sold 12/11/06

  WW II 75 mm Pack Howitzer

WWII 75mm Pack Howitzer for sale

World War II 75mm Pack Howitzer for sale


US 75mm WWII Pack Hpwitzer for sale


Sorry - Sold!

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