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(Above Harpoon has been sold!)

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19th Century Whaling Harpoon Cannon

Made by the H. Henriksen factory in Tønsberg Norway approximately 1865.

(Not exact Harpoon that was sold)

Sorry - Sold

Price includes the harpoon, rope, the reproduction stand above, and a shipping box.

About 50mm bore.

The firing mechanism is a Remington. (Note:  The spring missing.)


SWIVEL HARPOON GUNS: Swivel guns were introduced in the early 1700's, but were not practical. On later voyages, in the later 1800's, a heavy swivel gun was mounted in the bow of the whaleboat. A popular gun was called the Greener gun, invented and manufactured by William Greener of Birmingham, England. These guns fired large, heavy harpoons into the whale at a greater distance than was possible with a hand darted harpoon. These guns could also fire a large bomb lance into the whale. The Greener gun allowed a much heavier projectile than a shoulder gun. They had one drawback; the excessive recoil was transmitted to the relatively weak structure of the whaleboat. Swivel guns were intended to overcome problems of approaching whales in ice fields and to capture whales that could not be easily approached.




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