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Cannons Urgently Wanted!

The Gettysburg Bronze Cannon

  The Antique Cannon SuperStore

Wants to buy for cash or place on this website on consignment - antique  bronze and iron cannons, Lantakas, mortars, black powder-firing cannons, reenactors cannons, and high quality reproductions!  We are particularly  interested in any World War I or II artillery pieces, all original Civil War cannons and high-end European cannon, including Dutch VOC, British, Portuguese, and Spanish cannons.

Any size (From 18 inches to 10 + feet long) - any type (See samples below), and at any location - worldwide.  We have recently purchased cannons in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, and all over the USA.

Wanted Antique Cannons!

American, Dutch, Spanish, British, Portuguese, French, German, Mexican, & Indian  Cannons,

Black Powder, Reproductions, Reenactment Cannons, WW 1 Cannons & original cannon accessories too!

Some of the cannons urgently needed  Now!

  German Krupp pre World War I Cannons! 

 We are currently cash buyers of any Krupp cannons located anywhere in the world!

1909 Krupp Model L30 75mm

75mm Model L 30 1909 Krupp Cannons

1986 M119 - 105mm Howitzer

M119 105mm Howitzer

The one we had listed sold and we need another one!

A 105mm Krupp Cannon

Wanted: 40mm Bofors like the ones above we've sold!

World War 1 French 75mm Field Cannon wanted!

French WW1 Field Cannons in any condition and located anywhere in the world!

British WW2 25 Pounder cannon wanted!

British WW2 25 pounders in restored condition and able to set up to fire blanks!


Hotchkiss cannon   Hotchkiss 6 pounder

All sizes and types of Hotchkiss Navy Cannons.

French 75mm Cannon wanted

French 75mm Cannons from World War II

Line Life Saving Guns - Lyle Type

Krupp 75mm Mountain Cannon

British WWII 18 pounder Wanted 

British 18 Pounder from WWI & II Wanted (Like one we sold above on left)


Hotchkiss 37mm Revolving guns

   Vickers Mountain Howitzer

 2.95 inch Vickers Mountain Cannon

World War I horse drawn cannon Limbers & Cassions

1906 4.7 inch Field Cannon


    American Signal Cannons in any condition and any size!

 WWI German Minenwerfer Mortar

75mm Pack Howitzer Wanted

75mm Pack Howitzer - two wanted for waiting customers!

       Flak 38 on trailer

Wanted all 20mm Flak's especially 38's as shown above.

4.7 inch Model 1906 Field Cannon

World War Two Harley Davidson Motorcycles

World War Two Harley Davidson WLA Motorcycles for sale


Huge Bronze Lantaka

Howitzers, Mortars, and Carronades


      Bronze Mortar 

From any country - iron and bronze!





All sizes of Hotchkiss and Diggs Naval Cannons

    Hotchkiss Cannons

Breech Loading Cannon Civil War  

         We are currently looking to buy a original bronze Mountain Howitzer like the one we just sold recently! 

Original Civil War Mountain Howitzer 

Send details, photos, and measurements if you have one for sale.

We are also looking for World War I and older horse drawn cannon Limbers, Caissons, army supply wagons!

         Cannon Limber

Even project cannons like the one below;

All cannons offered for sale MUST be original antiques (Except for reproductions and black powder cannons) and never broken or extensively repaired.  We are NOT interested in "fake" original cannons! 

All cannons offered must be reasonably and realistically priced to allow a dealer to resell it at a profit.  We may consider trades for our existing inventory or consignment sales of your cannons!

 Please respond to by the E-mail below

Please provide us with the size (length), bore size, the diameter of the muzzle and the back of the breech (widest rear point)  and the weight (if possible), the city where it’s located, and your asking price.

High quality digital photographs will be required at some point, as well as the exact measurements, but send whatever you have now.

Consignment Sales Policy

We are currently looking for all types and sizes of original or reproduction cannons to list on this website on a consignment basis.

Our consignment sales policy is as follows;

We will list and promote the sale of your cannon on our website at no cost to you until it is sold.  Our commission rate is twenty percent (20%) of the actual selling price.  The asking price is determined by the seller and all offers are forwarded to the seller for acceptance or rejection. We can provide an appraisal and a Certificate of Authenticity for your cannon(s) at a very reasonable cost, if requested.  If a buyer uses a credit card for a purchase – we absorb the credit card fees out of our percentage – so the price to the seller is net.   

All consignment sales are non-exclusive, so that if you find a buyer for your cannon before we do – you owe us nothing. We only insist that you not advertise the cannon at a price lower then that listed on our website and advise us immediately if you sell it yourself so that we can remove the listing.

The buyer pays for shipping from the cannons location to the delivery point in most cases.  We do not usually hold your cannon in our warehouse as this would incur “double” shipping costs.  The seller has the responsibility of securely packing the cannon for shipment.  We usually arrange the shipping on larger cannons.

We require that all sellers of consignment cannons provide us with high quality and high resolution digital photographs of the overall cannon and close-ups of the bore, touch-hole, and markings.  We also need all of the measurements and the weight of the cannon if possible.  Any background information you can provide and providence on the piece helps tremendously in getting a quick sale.  We would also need the current location of the cannon and the asking price.

Our website is the largest and most frequented in the world devoted to the sale of cannons with hundreds of new visitors’ everyday.  We also have hundreds of collectors around the world looking for cannons and our three buyers cannot keep-up with the demand.  Many of the cannons we sell are never listed on the web pages as they are sold privately to customers and dealers on our “wanted” lists.  We have paid advertising continually promoting the website and promote it to over 78,000 search engines around the world every month.

The usual process it that we list and negotiate the sale with the customer, collect the funds, forward the payment to the seller (80%), and arrange for the shipping to the customer.

If we can help you with the sale of a cannon – please do not hesitate to contact us.

 The Antique Cannon SuperStore!

        Contact us if you have a cannon you want to sell for cash or here on consignment!

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