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Stolen Cannon

1825 Falkirk Gunnade

Stolen on December 29, 2014

Update! Recovered!!!

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Ken Crocker on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 20:42:01
Comments: My 1825 Falkirk Gunnade has been recovered! Missing for over 6 months. The brilliant person who stole it filed off the caliber "6pdr" but otherwise OK. Your listing my stolen cannon I know made thieves realize it would be difficult to sell. Thanks Ken Crocker, Harpswell, Maine


Stolen cannon

This cannon was about 50 inches in length and must way close to 800 lbs. It has a Blomefield pattern button. The top of barrel has a raised crown cartouche just ahead of fuse flat . Incised behind the crown is 6 Pounder .
 Case is being handled by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. Case no. 14-031787  by Det. Gerald Brady ph. 207-774-1440 Ext. 2159 .

Don't Buy this cannon!

Sculler "Lyle" Line Throwing Cannon

Black steel with rare firing mechanism, projectile and ram, as well as the manufacturer's brass emblem!

Lyle Line throughing cannon for sale

Lyle Line throughing cannon for sale

Located in Daphne, Alabama for Free pick up or we can ship anywhere!

   Lyle Line throughing cannon for sale

This is an excellent "Lyle" type rescue cannon made by Sculler Safety Corp., 122 Broad St., New York.

All Original solid brass hardware on a turned steel barrel and with the original cast iron base.

It is VERY rare to be complete with the firing mechanisms (that we sell for $750 when we can find one) and a projectile!

Lyle Line cannon for sale         Lyle cannon for sale

This is in very good condition and only needs a little paint to put it into restored condition and it is set-up to fire black powder!

It is gun No. 3708

The weight of this cannon is about 180 pounds.

The barrel is 28 inches long with a 2.5 inch bore and it has an overall length of 38 inches.

It is mounted on a non-original wood plank for display!

These line cannons were used during WW1 and WW2 as live saving devices for ships within 700 yards of shore and

They were replaced by rockets, so production was ended in about 1950.

Standard powder charge is 1.8oz black powder and with a maximum charge of 8.oz.



Lyle Line cannon for sale

Five Brand New Steel Black Powder Golf Ball Cannons Stolen Recently November 2013!

Jackson County, Oregon

Stolen Golf Ball Cannons

  Stople Black Powder Cannons  Stolen Golf Ball Cannons  Stolen Golf Ball Black Powder Cannon

Please contact us immediately if you see the cannons above for sale or advertised. 

Or contact the police directly: case #13-19248, Deputy Eller at 541-774-6800.

 Jackson County, Oregon.

They were stolen recently from our supplier.

Note: We are selling cannons just like this from the same supplier that are NOT stolen!

Stolen Guns Listed on Armslist!

Do Not Buy these stolen guns!

The two guns above were purchased by us six week ago and we paid by check.
The check cleared on October 22, 2012 and was cashed by:
Gary Glenn Upchurch
Post Office Box 502827
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46250
Phone number: 317 508 6566
With his account at Regions Bank as shown below:
He is currently still trying to sell these guns on Armslist for twice what we paid for them and has not sent them to our customer. Our buyer just contacted him, as have the police. He has told us several times that: He has shipped them to our customer and lately that they they were not shipped because the check never cleared! Now he states the check did not clear due to the "storm" on the "east" coast. Even though this check cleared two weeks before the storm even hit.
We have under taken ALL of the following and are warning all of our 11,000 customers NOT to buy any guns from this person!
  1. Contacted Armslist about this scam to remove the current ad!
  2. Contact Regions Bank about the use of this account for Internet Fraud.
  3. Had our our attorney contact a local attorney in Indianapolis, Indiana to proceed against Gary Glenn Upchurch for our our costs and fraud.
  4. Contacted the USPS in Fairfield, Ca about Mail filing a Mail fraud complaint. Now proceeding with this through the FBI and Internet Fraud complaint with them.
  5. Our attorney has contacted the Indianapolis, Indiana police and waiting for a return call from a detective.
  6. Our buyer has undertaken his own actions.
  7. We will post notices on our stolen item page of our website for these gun immediately.
If you know of any other one he has done similar things too, please contact us right away or the Indianapolis Police Department.


Stolen antique cannon recovered
By Don Loepp on December 8, 2011 11:40 AM ET

Remember the story about the antique cannon that was stolen from a Michigan plastics fabricator? Good news: it's been recovered.

Edston Plastic Co. in Romulus, Mich., was making a plastic replica of the cannon to be used as a donation container at a museum, but it was stolen in November, probably by thieves who expected to sell the 225-pound bronze item for scrap,

According to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit police found the cannon on Tuesday after receiving a tip about its whereabouts.

And I was waiting for it to show up on Pawn Stars.


$1,000 Reward For Information Leading To The Recovery Of Stolen Cannon


Stolen Spanish Cannon Reward!

ROMULUS, Mich. -- A historic bronze cannon is missing after it was stolen during a break-in at a plastics company in Romulus.

The cannon, which dates back to 1795, was taken Nov. 2, 2011 when someone broke into the Edston Plastics Company.

Tom Smith, an engineer at the company, said the cannon was temporarily in Romulus to be used as a model for a plastic case that was to cover it. He said several other tools were taken, but the several hundred-pound cannon was the most valuable.

The crest of the Spanish king is engraved on the top and it has marking that translate to:: Made from copper from Riotinto and Mexico. The breech ring is engraved with the Seville location, date of 1795 and serial number 3610. The cannon is overall 42 inches long with a caliber of 2.6 inches.

Anyone with information about this cannon should contact the Romulus Police Department at 734-941- 840


Cannon stolen more than 30 years ago just replaced!

Stolen Cannon Replaced


Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

OWNERS of the Lowther Hotel, in Goole, have taken a shot at reviving a part of the town’s history by installing a replacement cannon to take the place of the original that was famously stolen more than 30 years ago.

The original, which was used for a 21-gun salute to mark the official opening of the town’s docks in 1826, was placed on the portico of the then Banks Arms - later to become the Lowther Hotel.

Having stood there for 143 years, the cannon was stolen on the night of July 16, 1969, to public outcry.

It was never found and when Julie and Howard Duckworth bought the hotel three years ago they pledged to replace it.

So it was, 185 years later that the replacement cannon was unveiled recently, by Mayor of Goole, Coun Keith Moore, amid guests from the Yorkshire Waterways Museum, Goole Town Council, members of the Goole Civic Society and others.

“The cannon was a symbol of the start of Goole Town. The new one is a symbol of the town’s regeneration,” said Mr Duckworth, who recently spearheaded a campaign to gain city status for Goole - the outcome for which has not yet been announced.

“Let’s hope that the cannon being replaced will protect not only the Lowther Hotel for another 185 years but also protect Goole for even longer. Even the weather was the same in 1826 - it rained!”


Bronze Hand Cannon Bronze Hand Cannon

  Weight is 16 ounces! Very heavy for its size.  Length: 4.5 inches

Bore: 3/8 inch

This small hand cannon is stolen from the Cannon SuperStore by David Parker of Texas in October 2008!

Please contact us or the Houston Police Department if you see it for sale!


Stolen Krupp Cannon in Argentina  Stolen Krupp Cannon Sights  Stolen Cannon

The above 1909 Krupp 75mm cannon and three Krupp cannon sights were stolen from MH in the USA and JJ in Australia!

DO NOT BUY and please report to Interpol if you see these items for sale!

Stolen Civil War Mountain Howitzer Cannon


Send an Anonymous Tip regarding this stolen property

stolen 911 is offering a reward for information leading to the recovering of this stolen Civil War Mountain Howitzer. This stolen cannon was taken in Fremont, CA when the Pace trailer it was stored in was stolen. The trailer was found in Fremont in June, but this Antique Cannon is still missing. The barrel is 38" long and has a 2 3/4 in base.

Date of Theft
Location of Theft
Name of Police Agency
May 21, 2007
Fremont, CA
Fremont Police Department


Rare Lantaka stolen from international shipment or by the shipper in Denver!


This very rare Lantaka has a large flared muzzle. There is an animal rear sight, a double sword crest/money sign, a flower on the swivel and a very larger crocodile on the muzzle also forms the front sight. It weights in at 16.5 pounds and has a very rich dark patina

Contact us or Denver, Colorado police department if you see this for sale!

Warning DO NOT BUY ANY cannons

or guns from Argentina due to Internet fraud!
Two of our customers recently purchased the following reproduction cannons that were never delivered!  They are still being advertised on the Internet on Guns America and other places!


This cannon was stolen by the supplier in Argentina - US Exports, also going by the name "South American Cannon Company"  !

 Please contact us if offered for sale!

Interpol and all Argentine authorities have been notified!

 1909 Krupp Model L30 75mm

75mm Model L 30 1909 Krupp Cannon

This 1909 cannon is virtually BRAND NEW - it was NEVER put into service - it was only test fired - and NEVER stored outside!!!  It is just as it was originally delivered by the Krupp factory to the Argentine military and has always been oiled and maintained!  You will never see another 98 year old cannon like this one anywhere at any price!

Krupp cannon   Krupp World War 1 Cannon  Krupp cannon

We now have just acquired this fantastic Krupp Breech loading Cannon in Argentina!

We have to say that this 1909 cannon in the best condition we have ever seen!  It is literally impossible to have a cannon this age (98 years) in any better condition.  It is complete with the tool box and the seats.  ALL of the moving parts and the breach are in excellent working condition. The shield is complete and original. The wheels are like new and the rear handle is included. All the paint seems to be original.  It has NOT been demilitarized - only the firing pin removed by the Argentine Army.  even the barrel was never painted by the Argentine Army as it their custom.

Krupp tool box     Krupp wheel   Argentine Krupp

  Krupp Cannon Barrel    

On the cannons barrels it reads "Krupp Modelo Argentino 1909 " and the serial numbers with a large Argentinean shield . They weigh 1100 kg (2425 pounds ) each. The total length: 161.4 inches, width: 43.3 inches  and the height: 52 inches.  

Stolen Bronze Line cannon


The cannon is approximately 4 Ft. long and 2 Ft.  high and  2 Ft. wide.





             TELEPHONE... 845 486  3800   



STOLEN from Bristol, UK between 06 Aug 04 - 29 Aug 04.

A 17th Century cast iron cannon.

Approx. 1.8 meters in length.

Contact : Antique desk, Avon & Somerset Police. Tel 01275 816730

Crime Ref : 9083/04

2nd arrest in theft of antique cannon

4/3/2007, 9:52 a.m. CDT

The Associated Press                   

 MONROE, La. (AP) — An ironworks manager is accused of buying a stolen cannon worth $5,000.

Tradd Paulson, general manager of Monroe Iron and Metal in Monroe, is the second person arrested in the theft, which reportedly came from a 15th-century Spanish galleon and was reported stolen March 27.

 He was booked Monday with illegal possession of stolen things and failure to maintain proper records and released on $5,500 bond, said Maj. Don Bartley, head of investigations for Monroe police.

 Lawrence C. Carter of Monroe was booked Saturday, accused of taking the cannon from a storage unit and selling it to Paulson for $59.89. Police are looking for a second person allegedly involved in that theft, Bartley said.

 Anyone who buys metals must keep a register and report purchases to police, Bartley said.

 "Paulson only listed it as clean, yellow brass," Bartley said. "The cannon is made of bronze."

Stolen from the Alamo
(San Antonio, Texas)

Bronze 12 pounder
Weight approximately. 1100 lbs
Bore = 4 inches
Barrel may no longer be on carriage.

"Becket" style cannon

Stolen cannon

January 2004
Dublin, CA
The cannon and trailer were stolen in Dublin, CA. The trailer was later found in Hayward Ca.

The measurements are approximately 1 7/8" bore, 3" outside diameter of barrel, from muzzle to end of tail stock, about 6' long.

The wheels are about 23" diameter, barrel excluding breech is 30".

 A  Nice 44.6" Lantaka Rail Cannon!


Stolen from us and sold on eBay! It is 44.6 inches long and has a 1.4 inch bore. The weight is 79.2 lbs. and it has a 4.25 inch diameter muzzle.  Note: The great front sight, the pair of raised rear sights and the dark colored patina.  There is also a rare raised crocodile on the rear of the barrel.

This cannon dates from about the 1750's and was probably cast in Portugal or in Brunei for use in the Spice Islands. It has been extensively fired but is still in very good condition.  


Note: The head of the sea horse front sight is missing - old damage.


Thieves steal ancient cannon from barracks
Thu Apr 13, 2006 6:48 PM BST

LONDON (Reuters) - Police are hunting for thieves who stole a 200-year-old cannon from outside a military barracks in Gosport.

They said at least two people would have been needed to hoist the 150 lb (68 kg) cannon from outside St George's Barracks on the south coast.

"These artifacts are loaned to various locations in Gosport to show the pride that people have in the history of our town," said Josephine Lawler, curator of the museum which owned the cannon. "However, if this is what happens to them, there will soon be no more left to display."



Have you seen this cannon?


COLD Case?  Stolen VOC-R in 1995!


The VOC Cannon has the VOC-R inscription and also has a rare ARABIC engraving, meaning SULTAN and the figures 380. It could be the Islamic Year.  The Cannon originated and belonged to the Sultan of Pontianak (SW Borneo).

My late father inherited from the late HAMID II ALKADRIE and shipped it then from Indonesia over to Brasschaat, Belgium. Contact owner below with any information.


Michiel Schreiner

Cape Town - South Africa


---STOLEN CANNON RECOVERED in Venice, California after being offered on eBay!---

Please help Granny’s Attic find her Civil War Cannon!!

A Civil War cannon was stolen on Thursday, October 6th at 8:00 p.m. by pick up truck from the back of our store. It is approximately 4 feet in width (wheel to wheel) and 6 feet in length.

Stolen cannon still on the loose!



By: DEIRDRE NEWMAN - Staff Writer

October 7th 2005


TEMECULA ---- A 500-pound Civil War-era cannon seems an unlikely target for burglars. Especially when it's protected by a locked fence and has a chain woven through its wheels connected to a padlock as well.


Yet, these deterrents plus a surveillance camera were not enough to prevent the behemoth antique from being stolen last week from Granny's Attic on the west side of town.


The owner, Mike Freville, said he's frustrated that the camera was too far away for him to distinguish identifying characteristics of the burglars.


"You think about it and dream about it for a while," he said of the missing merchandise. "Then you gotta just enhance security and make it better. There's always that risk."


Freville is offering a $500 reward and the Temecula Police Department is investigating the case. The police have not received any tips so far, Lt. Darryl Birney said Wednesday.


Granny's Attic, a huge structure on Felix Valdez Road, provides space for dealers to sell tens of thousands of eclectic items and has been around since about 1985, said Freville, who owns the store with his dad, Bob. They've had the cannon for about 1 1/2 years, Mike Freville said.


The dealer marketing the cannon bought it from an owner on the East Coast who doesn't believe it was an original but is not sure, Mike Freville said. The black cannon was about 4 feet from wheel to wheel and about 6 feet long. It was held up by two wagon wheels that were each about 3 feet high and sat on a big piece of wood, he said. The cannon was stored in an outside area in back of the store and was priced about $2,500.


"It was pretty unique," he said. "We've never had one before."


What he was able to ascertain from the surveillance video and the chain around the fence was that two men used bolt cutters to get through all the chains and whisked the cannon into a dark truck, he said. The burglary happened about 7:50 p.m. Oct. 6. He said he's surprised the burglars were audacious enough to strike so early in the evening.


"I was figuring it would be around 1 or 2 a.m.," he said.


The cannon could have been sold to an unsuspecting ranch owner or to someone who conducts Civil War re-enactments, Freville believes.


This is not the first time a large antique has been stolen from Granny's. In 2002, a horse-drawn buggy was taken from outside the front of the store and was never recovered, he said. The buggy burglary was one of the reasons he decided to put up security cameras, Freville said.


"But it didn't help this time," he added with a laugh.


Now he's thinking about putting signs on the back gate that alert people to the surveillance camera, he said.


"I could put up barbed wire, but if someone gets hurt, you're liable," he said. "In this business, things do happen. We just try to minimize it as much as we can."




                                 ATTENTION!!! April 10, 2005


This morning, March 26, I made a very bad discovery. MY CANNON (Exodus) HAS BEEN STOLEN. As those of you who are a part of the reenacting community knows. Exodus is a full size 12 lb. Mountain Howitzer. It has a Cast Iron Dixie/Hern Barrel with a 2 1/4 inch bore with a 1/4 in steel sleeve. The iron work on the carriage is hand forged. The tongue is oak with a splice approximately a foot from the end. Exodus has 42” wagon wheels which have had several spokes repaired. Also, if you scrape the green paint off of the older parts of the spokes there is red paint underneath. There is a plaque on the front (No. 1) side of the axle that reads “Exodus” Built by Dick and Rick Helwig 1991. > >I have filed a report with the Delaware County Ohio Sheriff Department. If you hear of anyone who has recently gotten a “new” cannon or anyone trying to sell Exodus please contact me at this email address or at (740) 965-5090 or the Delaware County Sheriff Department at (740) 368-1897 the case number is 01-05-005765.  Those of you who have been around the 5th OLA know how much Exodus meant to me. I would appreciate any help you can give.

 Sgt. Rick Helwig


5th Ohio Light Artillery.


Phil Foreman
aka/ pawclaws,
Cpl Kass Irons, CSA 


Thursday December 9, 2004

Another cannon stolen from museum

SEREMBAN: Another ceremonial antique cannon has been stolen here yesterday, barely a month after two others were stolen from the Tampin Museum.

The cannon, weighing 30kg and measuring about 60cm in length, was taken from the home of its caretaker, Zainal Ariffin Ibrahim, at Jalan Pantai, near here.

The 100-year-old cannon is used mostly during ceremonies involving the Undang Luak Sungai Ujong.

It is learnt that Zainal, who was entrusted with its safekeeping, found the cannon missing at about 3pm.

OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Abdullah confirmed the theft, adding that several people had been detained to facilitate investigation.

Early last month, two Malay Sultanate cannons were stolen from Tampin museum but were rediscovered at a cemetery site in Bukit Perah in Johol two weeks later.



Stolen Civil War Cannon Found

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A civil war artifact that disappeared from a Luzerne County cemetery last week has been found.
An anonymous caller told police it was dumped in state game lands in Shickshinny. Officer Fred Nichols decided to check it out.

"I was walking through the woods and i tripped over it. that's the only way i found it," said Nichols.
Police will dust the cannon for fingerprints before returning it to the Shawnee Cemetery in Plymouth.


Thursday, October 7, 5:55 p.m.

By Jon Meyer

Civil War Cannon Stolen 


A Civil War cannon that stood guard at a cemetery in Luzerne County for decades is missing. No one was guarding it against thieves.


Stealing it couldn't have been easy. The antique weapon weighed more than 1,000 pounds. The Shawnee Cemetery in Plymouth first opened in 1870. Those who care for it said there have been small thefts there and some vandalism in the past but nothing like the theft of the cannon.


George Ravert said four sawed off iron posts are all that's left of the Civil War era cannon. Ravert was mowing the lawn Wednesday when, "I looked over, sat on the stone and thought something's wrong here. I looked over and, the cannon's gone!" Ravert recalled. "They have to be sick, sick or nuts. It's a shame."


George's uncle, Harry Ravert cares for the cemetery too. He has helped there for 50 years and explained the other three cannons remain, all solid cast iron. "I couldn't believe it. I was shocked. I said, 'what? how did they get it out?' It seems impossible," George Ravert said.


The Ravert estimate the cannon weighed a half ton, at least. "That looks like a professional job," said Harry Ravert. "They must have had a truck or something. They couldn't pick that up by themselves," George added.


That part of the cemetery is the final resting place of men who fought in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. The folks who care for the cemetery said the theft is a disrespect to the men even though they fought so long ago.


"They should respect them more. They have to live with their conscience," said Harry Ravert.


The group that cares for the cemetery is offering a reward. Plymouth Borough Police would like to hear from anyone with information on where the cannon can be found.


Can you solve this "Cold Case" of the stolen Civil War cannon?

Clinton County Veterans’ Service Commission

43 S. Walnut Street, Box 2, Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Phone: (937) 382-3233 Fax: (937) 655-8834

Email: ccvets@cinci.rr.com



Stolen during the night of April 17, 1985 from Blanchester IOOF Cemetery in the city of Blanchester, (Clinton County), Ohio.  A bronze a 1,300 lb. Napoleon 12 pounder American GAR Civil War cannon.  Inscribed on the end of the muzzle: “Model M1857 No. 40”. (registration number #40).  Inscribed on the trunnion: “Greenwood Company” (build in 1862 in Cincinnati, Ohio).  Inscribed around the muzzle: “Cannon used at battle of Chickamauga”.  Reported to be fitted with new gun carriage by Royal Carriage Company of New Richmond, Ohio (it may have company logo on carriage).  Reportedly last seen in the Middletown (Butler County), Ohio area.


The following is reprinted from the Wilmington News-Journal, Wilmington, Ohio April, 1985.

The Cannon Caper


All is not well in the Blanchester IOOF Cemetery.  The concrete slab facing the front of the cemetery lies empty right now.  The veterans who supposedly lugged the brass cannon barrel back from the Civil War that stood on that spot would probably shutter at the sight.  The 1,500-pound cannon was reported missing about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 17, by John Simpson, according to Blanchester Police Chief Richard Payton.  The cannon was made in Cincinnati and dated 1862, Payton noted, “I think it was brought back from the Battle of Chickamauga.”  The chief indicated he had had one out-of-county lead that did not pan out.  “At this point there re no leads – I hope it was a prank,” he added. However, “the longer it’s gone, the less it seems like a prank,” Payton said, “I keep hoping that it might turn up one morning on the high school lawn.”  Tire tracks indicate that a pick-up truck had pulled through neighboring backyards.  “A three-quarter ton truck drove off Baldwin and Mill and into the cemetery,” Payton side.  He added that tracks were visible and one witness recalled a truck driving through the backyard about 8 p.m. the evening before the cannon was discovered missing. “They probably backed up and may have used a wench to get the cannon,” the chief continued. “Sure, I feel bad about it,” he said,  “Shoot, it’s a part of Blanchester’s heritage and can’t be replaced.  “The school year is still young for pranks,” he concluded.

 If anyone possesses information about this case please contact the Clinton County Ohio Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Brian Edwards at (937) 382-1611 and or Mac McKibben, Investigator of the Clinton County Veterans’ Service Commission at (937) 382-3233.


12-pounder bronze field gun, light, Model of 1857 (Napoleon). Total length, 72.55 inches; weight, 1,220 pounds; total production for U.S. Ordnance Department, 1,130. Perhaps another 50 were sold by Ames, Greenwood and Revere directly to states; known survivors, 672 (including those with handles noted above). This is the third and final pattern of Federal Napoleons.








Light 12-pounder, M18572

66 inches

1227 pounds

4.62 inches

1620 yards



GOOD NEWS - Follow up!

Article published Tuesday, April 27, 2004 (THE BLADE )


Man charged in theft of reproduction cannon

Members of the re-enactors group prepare to fire the cannon during the July Tall Ships Festival in Toledo.

Police arrested an East Toledo man last night in connection with the theft of a cannon from Fort Meigs State Memorial Park and said he cut it up and dumped most of it in the Maumee River.

Police were able to recover only a few metal parts of its carriage in the ashes of a wood-burning stove on Dearborn Avenue.

William C. Jarzynski, of 223 Longdale Ave., is charged with theft, a fourth-degree felony. He was booked at the Wood County Jail and is expected to be arraigned today in Perrysburg Municipal Court.

The cannon's bronze barrel, a reproduction displayed at the fort since the mid-1970s, wasn't found. Police say Mr. Jarzynski, a body shop owner, used his tools to cut it into pieces.

"He never tried to sell it," Detective Sgt. Dan Paez said. "Once he had it in his shop, he realized he was stuck with it so he cut it up and dumped it into the Maumee River.

"It's a senseless act. He really doesn't give a reason why he did this."

Perrysburg police questioned the suspect at his residence about 6 p.m. yesterday after receiving tips late last week.

The carriage parts were found in a wood stove at Ben's Garage, 469 Dearborn, Mr. Jarzynski's body shop. Police were able to recover a homemade landscape trailer, on which the cannon was stored for the winter.

The cannon reproduction, valued at $37,000, turned up missing Wednesday night. It was mounted on a gray wooden carriage with wooden spoke wheels and was stolen from a parking area just outside the fort walls.

Sgt. Paez said authorities began getting tips on Thursday from people who saw the cannon in the Dearborn Avenue area.

On the same day, Mr. Jarzynski told police, he moved the cannon into his body shop and late that night began cutting it up. On Friday he dumped the pieces in the river and burned the carriage.

"He really doesn't remember where [he dumped the pieces]," Sgt. Paez said. "It was everywhere from Point Place to East Toledo. Everywhere he could find a spot to get close to the river, he would drop pieces in."

Larry Nelson, site manager at Fort Meigs, said park officials will re-evaluate its security measures but the fort is in a park that is easily accessible.

"I am real disappointed we are not going to get the gun back but I'm relieved they got on the case as quickly as they did and that it is solved," Mr. Nelson said.


Article published Friday, April 23, 2004

Bronze cannon stolen from Fort Meigs Park

A cannon and its wooden carriage, with a combined weight of about 1,200 pounds, were stolen from Fort Meigs State Memorial Park in Perrysburg sometime between 5:20 p.m. Wednesday and 8 a.m. yesterday, police said.

The cannon has a bronze barrel and a six-pound cannon ball. The cannon was mounted on a gray wooden carriage with wooden spoke wheels and was stolen from a parking area just outside the fort walls, police said. The cannon and the carriage are valued at $37,000.

Also missing was a black homemade landscape trailer, on which the cannon is stored in winter, police said.

The cannon, which is owned by the Ohio Historical Society, is a reproduction of a Revolutionary War-era weapon.

It is one of about half a dozen cannons at the fort, all of which are reproductions, Dr. Larry Nelson, Fort Meigs site manager, said.


January 2004

"Becket" style cannon

The cannon and trailer were stolen in Dublin, CA. The trailer was later found in Hayward Ca.
The measurements are approximately 1 7/8" bore, 3" outside diameter of barrel, from muzzle to end of tail stock, about 6' long,.
The wheels are about 23" diameter, barrel excluding breech is 30" .
You can tell from the picture that Becket is " mug style breach loader " & carriage is a scissors with a floating elevator bar.




April 2003

Piner, Kentucky

Stolen A WWI cannon from the front yard of a 91-year-old Piner, Kentucky widow's home.


Stolen in Columbus, Georgia

Barrel is 36" long with a 1 15/16" bore

On the front of the muzzle there are some off center circles and on the bottom RJ1BAW

Stolen around May 2002



Kent, Washington

A 2/3 scale Mountain Howitzer (cannon in foreground) was stolen from the trailer it was stored in.

October 2003 - Arqueonautas confiscates three stolen bronze cannon in Nampula!

In close cooperation with the police and local authorities, Arqueonautas confiscates three illegally recovered bronze cannon

Transport of the cannon to the Arqueonautas conservation facilities at Ilha de Mocambique

A member of the Arqueonautas dive team was able to locate, after careful investigations, three illegally recovered bronze cannon in Nampula. The guns were offered for sale in the black market for a scrap metal value of USD 1.00 per kg. With the help of the police and local authorities the cannon were transported to the Arqueonautas conservation facilities at Ilha de Mocambique, were they are presently undergoing first aid conservation treatment.


Bronze Cannon Stolen



Philadelphia Inquirer

By Robert Sanchez


A Revolutionary War-era cannon, worth thousands on the antique-weapons market, has been spirited away from Hatboro's memorial to the 1778 Battle of Crooked Billet. These were no ordinary vandals, a local historian said. More like at least two hacksaw-wielding adults with the means to move the solid bronze, 3-foot-long, 2-inch diameter artifact.


Dave Shannon, who serves as historian for this Montgomery County community, said yesterday that he thought the cannon, discovered missing from the memorial earlier this week, was taken by someone who knew it would fetch a high price. ". . . This was a well-thought-out plan, not vandalism," Shannon said. "Nothing else was touched," he said, including the memorial's other cannon. "They knew what they wanted, and they knew how to take it. I assume they knew what they were getting." Bronze cannons have been known to sell for between $15,000 and $50,000, depending on manufacturer markings, condition and whether a cannon was used in a historic battle, said Russ Pritchard, owner of American Military Antiques & Fine Art in Bryn Mawr.


 "Stealing war artifacts has become way too common," Pritchard said. Nationally, thefts at battlefields, cemeteries and memorials are on the rise, said Paul Hawke, chief of the American Battlefield Protection Program for the National Park Service. With collectors ready to pay top dollar and a large volume of artifacts offered on the Internet, it has become easier for thieves to sell such items, Hawke said. And if an artifact cannot be sold, it often is melted into scrap metal. "The scary part is that these people don't care who they're hurting," Hawke said, adding that he knew of cannons and plaques removed from historical sites throughout the country. "They see profit, and then it's to hell with history and the community."


The Hatboro cannon was installed at the battlefield memorial when it was constructed in 1861. About 100 years later, the memorial was relocated to the front of Crooked Billet Elementary School. At Crooked Billet on April 30, 1778, British Maj. John Simcoe's troops ambushed Brig. Gen. John Lacey's platoon, killing 26 and capturing 58 Continental Army soldiers. Hatboro police are investigating the theft, but the odds of finding the thieves is low, said Shannon, the historian. Because this cannon has been painted black, any identifying markings are obscured, he said. "If it went to a private collector for cash, then we'll never see it again," he said.





DATELINE: 14 April 2003


A historic bronze cannon salvaged in 1916 from HMS Anson in Mount's Bay and worth over £20,000 has been stolen.  The 16th century bronze cannon had been on public display for 87 years after being salvaged by divers from the Western Marine Salvaging Company and presented to the people of Penzance. The cannon was 8-foot-long and estimated to weigh 1.5 tons, and police believe the thieves would have had to come equipped with a lorry and hydraulic crane to remove it.  The cannon was located outside the Penzance Art School in Morrab Rd and had recently been restored. It was decorated with a crucifix, rosaries, a royal crown and motto and two lifting dolphins. Anyone with possible information should contact the Penzance police.

From Rivers Bridge State Park,

Ehrhardt, South Carolina,

on the night of February 2-3, 1995:


Photograph showing barrel.

DESCRIPTION: 12-pounder Blakely, Type 2 (3.5-inch Blakely, Type 2). Cast iron with tapered reinforcing iron band near center of barrel at trunnions. Sight at muzzle. Cascabel knob missing. Chipped at bore. Rifling: 7 x 7, straight. Overall length: 54.5 inches. Weight: 700 pounds.

MARKINGS: Tube at rear of trunnions: BLAKELY'S PATENT, No. 30, FAWCETT-PRESTON & CO., LIVERPOOL, MAKERS, 1861. Left trunnion: 31. Right trunnion: 31.

LAST LOCATION: Rivers Bridge State Park is the site of the battle of Rivers Bridge, an engagement fought February 2-3, 1865, during Sherman’s Carolinas Campaign. This battle was only major resistance mounted against Sherman’s march through South Carolina. Rivers Bridge was the first historic site in the South Carolina State Park Service and the first Civil War park opened to the public in the state. The park is located near Ehrhardt in Bamberg County and is approximately 70 miles south of Columbia and 70 miles west of Charleston.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Information about the cannon and its theft should be directed to:
Daniel J. Bell
Historic Resource Coordinator, Coastal District
South Carolina State Park Service
Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site
1500 Old Towne Road
Charleston, South Carolina 29407
PHONE: (843) 571-6623
FAX: (843) 852-4205
EMAIL: dbell@prt.state.sc.us

Link to more:  stolen cannons - a public service

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