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American and Civil War Cannons Sold

Extremely Rare Bronze Model 1835  12 Pound Mountain Howitzer

Original Civil War Mountain Howitzer 

Civil War Mountain Howitzer

The above photos show the cannon after the buyer mounted it on his carriage. Photos below are as we sold it.

Manufactured by:

 Cyrus Alger in 1859 

Almost impossible to find in this fine condition.

 Original Bronze 12  pound Mountain Howitzer


Breech: 219 (Weight)

Muzzle: 17(?) = Army Registry Number (Looks like it took a bullet hit!)

Muzzle-Inspector: T.J.R (Thomas J. Rodman - 1841-71)

Left Trunnion: 1853 = Manufacture date

Left Trunnion Rim base: # 689

Right Trunnion:  C.A. Boston = Cyrus Alger & Co., Boston Mass

Weight: 220 lbs.

Barrel Length: 37 inches

Bore:  4.62 inches

Range: 900 yards


Sorry - Sold in one day - October 14, 2008!

An Unbelievable Piece of U.S. History!

An Original 1865 U.S. Civil War 30 pounder Parrott Rifle

Parrott Rifle30 pounder Parrott Rifle

Very few of these massive Union Artillery pieces are left in existence!

30lb Parrott being fired

The original restoration took over eight years!

30 pound Parrott Civil War Cannon 

This is what it will look like when restoration is finished!

The cannon is fully functional, as shown in the above photo of it firing at night.

After the carriage is restored of course!

   Markings shown below:

R. P. P. for Captain Robert Parker Parrott

3495 is the weight of the barrel

1865 the Date of Manufacture & 30 PDR

 Barrel length: 9 feet 6 inches

  Bore: 4.2 inches

  Weight with carriage: Approximately 6,000 pounds (3 tons)

As originally purchased in 1969.

This a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an original 30 Pound US Civil War Parrott Rifle!


Original Civil War 2 pound Parrott cannon!

This is a 19th century smoothbore iron cannon that was manufactured and designed by Robert P. Parrott

who designed and manufactured some of the Civil Wars most famous cannons.

2 pound Parrott cannon

 It's elegant, simple, streamlined shape is indicative of careful design and manufacture.

The bore length is 29.75 inches and the tube is lightly pitted with no cascabel. 

It has a bore diameter of 1.86 inches, the trunnion diameter is 1.76 inches.

The barrel is very heavy - at about 200 lbs.


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