Model Cannons Sold

Some of the model cannons that were sold recently !

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Recent Black Powder Cannon Sales!

The cannon above is a "project cannon" that we sold a few months ago and was finished by our customer!

What a GREAT job he did!!!


Sold Sept. 4

All eleven sold!

Sold July 31, 2004

Sold  on  July 5th

SOLD - July 6th

Sold June 22, 2004


Sold June 9, 2004

SOLD April 24, 2004

Unbelievable Model

Commemorative Armada Cannon (Culverin)

Serious Collector's Item!

This is a fantastic model of the CULVERIN Cannon (Elizabethan circa 1580), and was made especially to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Spanish Armada 1588-1988. It is made from Brass (naval standard - top quality), which was recovered from the wreck of SS Mongolia (sunk by enemy action off the coast of Whitby in the First World War). The wood used in the manufacture of the carriage and the base is English Oak which dates from circa 1740, having been recovered from the London warehouses of the Honorable East India Company. The wooden base is in fact a case which contains all those items that would have been necessary to service and fire the gun. This model is precision built to one twelfth scale and, while accurate in every way, is not capable of being fired. Very few of these models were made and it therefore a very desirable Collector's item. The gun and carriage measure 31.8cm long by 12.3cm high by 15.2cm wide. The base, interior of which is felt lined, measures 39.5cm long by 7.7cm deep by 19.1cm wide. Weight 5kg approx.

Get this one NOW for only $495 US$ including FAST delivery by FedEx/DHL/UPS Air!





Miniature "all brass" Waterloo Cannon

Very cute and unique!  This little cannon has an inscribed barrel and is in excellent condition.  It is five inches long and three inches wide. It will look great on your desk!  (BCW#01)

Priced at only $25 US$ and $4.00 shipping!

Note: This cannon cannot be fired!

Model Civil War artillery piece!

This is a vintage (We believe from the 1960s) replica of a Civil War artillery piece. There is a 6" ruler in the picture for size perspective (Overall length is 13.5 inches). The Carriage and wheels are made of oak with the spokes mortised through the wood wheel rims. The wheels then have brass rims on them. The wood wheels have shrunk slightly so the brass rims are a little loose (Linseed oil may correct this!). The barrel is nicely machined from a solid piece of brass stock. There are hooks for a sponge bucket and a ram rod but they are not with it. This is a very good looking model canon. (CW#44)

Priced to sell quick at only $95 US$ 

Heavy 24 Pounder British 1743  Brass Cannon Model

British 24 PounderCannon Brass model for sale

This is the finest model cannon like this we have ever seen!  The detail is just fantastic!

The barrel is 10.5 inches long.


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