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A 105 mm Krupp we recently sold from Sweden!

A Very Rare Original German Mortar

Sold for $9,950.

Three 75mm Model L 30 1909 Krupp Cannons


We now have just acquired three fantastic Krupp Breech loading Cannons in Argentina!

We have to say that they are in the best condition we have ever seen. They are complete, with the tool boxes, the stands, ALL the moving parts, and the breaches are in excellent working condition. The shields are complete. The wheels are like new and all the three cannons have the rear handle in great condition. All the paint seems to be original.  They have NOT been demilitarized and would have to be for import to the USA.




On the cannons barrels it reads "Krupp Modelo Argentino 1909 " and the serial numbers with a large Argentinean shield . They weighs 1100 kg (2425 pounds ) each. The total length: 161.4 inches, width: 43.3 inches  and the height: 52 inches.  

This group of cannons above have been sold!

Early 1900's Army Supply Wagons

We also have also two beautiful military cannon ammunition supply wagons for these Krupp Cannons with four wheels. These carriages are in the pristine condition too, and they are complete. Both have the original canvas tops and they have the ammunition box behind the seat.


The ammo wagons are both in excellent condition, but we have not found any specifications on them yet.  They are from the same period as the Krupp cannons (WW1). The wheel diameter is around 55 inches (Largest), the total length around 157 inches, and they are about 67 inches wide. They stand about 110 inches high. The condition is unbelievable and they are complete. We think that they are also German made because Germany was the official arms supplier in that period. The carriages have the tow hook for the cannons.    We are researching the history of the carriages in the museum in Argentina and see if we can find additional about them. 

The wagons are $7,500 each

SOLD - searching for more now!

Background information on Krupp Cannons in Argentina:

Argentina had a very close relationship from 1870 to 1918 with Germany. The Germans were the official suppliers of artillery and hand weapons during that period. That is the reason why they used the Mausers 1891, 1909 rifles, the Smeissser MP 28 machine gun, and all the different Krupp artillery. From 1900 to 1918, Argentina imported four different types of Krupp cannons. These included the 75 mm model L 30 1909 (The ones we have for sale now) , the 130 mm L 26 model 1905 Krupp, Obús 105 mm Krupp, and the Obús 155 mm model L 14 from 1911. After World War I, Argentina changed from the German supplier for a French one.

 Original 1909 Krupp Cannon


If you are a collector looking for a fantastic original Krupp cannon, this may be for you!   This is a very nice full original 1909 Krupp that is now located in Argentina with Serial Number 118. It is a breech loading model in pristine condition. The cannon is complete and is in fantastic condition and the barrel is excellent. Only the firing pin was removed for deactivation by the Argentine Army and now it has been altered to meet ATF requirements.  The breech is in excellent working condition too.

All the metal parts are in excellent condition without any significant rust. The wooden parts, such as the steps and wheels, are present but need some restoration as shown in the photos.  We can do this for you if requested.  This particular cannon must be deactivated to get into the USA and an ATF import permit would be necessary for us to apply for the export permit (Even when deactivated). Take a look at the pictures . It is beautiful and VERY BIG!  The upper face of the barrel it reads: " Modelo Argentino 1909 ", but it is made by Krupp in Germany and it is untouched. It has just completed de-militarizing by having a 75mm hole cut in the barrel and we have applied for an import permit to the USA.


Original 1875 Krupp Cannon


Used in Argentina in 1880 -1889 in the Desert Campaign.

We now have a bronze Krupp cannon available now that was made in 1875. This is a "bag" type transition cannon and the caliber is 75mm.  It it is mounted on the original Krupp carriage. The original wheels are 36" diameter and the total weight is around 1,400 pounds. This cannons was used in Argentina between 1880 - 1889 in the "Desert Campaign" during the Rocca Presidency. It was auctioned off in 1930 by the Argentine Army.  At that time, the Army replaced the original breech with a non-firing breech.  It is now USA legal and not able to fire in its present condition.


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Offered 08/28/2011.