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All of the items on this page have been recovered from various shipwrecks around the world.  Some of these rare artifacts were found with some of the cannons that we are offering on these pages.  If an piece is associated with a specific shipwreck or cannon - it s noted.  The authenticity of all items is guaranteed, but in most cases we do not have any additional information on the shipwreck, the salvage company, or local divers working it, or its location, except in broad general terms.  If it is not mentioned here - it must remain confidential - as operations are still in progress!  More then 5,000 shipwreck items were sold in 2004-8!

Two Antique European Naval Signal Cannons - Dating from the 1600"s.

 4 height on the small one, 3 inch diameter base, forged, not cast, with 1 inch bore. Larger one about 5 inches.
The base flared with touch hole.
Used in evenly spaced lines and ignited in sequence, ships within view were able to calculate their position and speed from the delay between seeing the flash and hearing the report.
Well used with good nautical character.


Note: One small one sold!

Your choice at only $495 each with Free shipping in the USA

Early 1700's Dutch Bronze Cannon recovered from a shipwreck!

   Dutch Bronze shipwreck cannon for sale

This cannon dates from the early 1700's and is in excellent condition.

It is 41 inches in length

      Dutch Bronze shipwreck cannon for sale

This carriage was built by Cannon Superstore contractors. It has an "antiqued" look and uses old hardware.

2 inch bore (51mm)
Weight: 169 lbs. (77kg) barrel only

    This gun has a GREAT deep green patina from it years in brackish water.
It is exactly as recovered from the sea, except for extensive fresh water rinsing.
 The inside bore is in excellent condition, as this cannon was found buried in mud in the shipwreck.

     Sold for $8,495 US$ 5/27/2013
The custom wood carriage pictured above is included in this sale!
Located in southern California
for FREE pick up or we can arrange delivery anywhere in the world!

Note: We originally sold this cannon that we recovered in SE Asia in 2007 and we are now re-selling it for the owner who is moving and MUST downsize his collection.

 The Treasure Salvage of the Hoi An Hoard on DVD!



A documentary film is available showing the salvage and auction of the "Hoi An Hoard" for $14.95 each with FREE shipping - in DVD format only.


General information about the “THE HOI AN HOARD”.


After being discovered by local fisherman, this became the only shipwreck to come on the market having been carried out as an archaeological excavation. The Vietnamese Government protected the site. The boat was probably Thai as it was of teak construction and betel-chewing equipment was found. It was large, about 30 meters in length possibly carrying 25.000 ceramics items. It sank in the Dragon Sea not far from Vietnamese town of Hoi An.


As well as this immense cargo many items from everyday use were found, food for the crew, cooking pots, and even some of the passengers and the crew themselves, 20 rat sculls and one cat skull were also recovered.


An exact or even a close dating of this wreck is as yet not possible. There are two schools of thoughts, one dating it to c1480-1520, the other to about 1450-1470. Yonglo coins were found (1403-1424), The timbers of the boat have been dated to about 1449 (plus or minus 20 years) and most interestingly a small group of Chinese ceramics used by the crew were recovered, these appear to belong to the interregnum period of the mid 15th century.


Unfortunately the cargo it self can provide little dating evidence, but with the work of scholars particularly in Vietnam this might not be the case for long. While precise dating is still being discussed what is sure is the cargos origin. It comes from the vicinity of Chu Dan, six kilometers from Hai Duong.


The ceramics are a heavy very hard pottery, the dishes have the rims wiped clear of glaze, and many bases are dressed with iron oxide. There were many rare shapes and designs on the ship; they represent one of the most important groups of Vietnamese ceramics in the world. The painting is very free and full of life, flowers, birds, and landscapes. There are also mythical beasts and geometric designs. The quality varies greatly, but even many of the poorest examples have a lively spirit. The better pieces are really wonderful and very well painted. There were many different shapes for many functions, bowls, dishes, kendi, and vases, even miniature animals in the shape of water droppers. There were several unique shapes, aborigines, dragon ewers and shaped cups to name a few.


Many museums have bought pieces from this wreck.

All items below were sold and over 5,000 more!

Over 3,200 pieces were sold last year on this website and at auction on eBay.  Our thanks to all the customers who purchased these items!








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home page Shipping annins Wated

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