Artifacts, Ceramics, Gold Bars, and Cannons recovered from famous Shipwrecks!


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All of the items on this page have been recovered from various shipwrecks around the world.  Some of these rare artifacts were found with some of the cannons that we are offering on these pages.  If an piece is associated with a specific shipwreck or cannon - it s noted.  The authenticity of all items is guaranteed, but in most cases we do not have any additional information on the shipwreck, the salvage company, or local divers working it, or its location, except in broad general terms.  If it is not mentioned here - it must remain confidential - as operations are still in progress!  More then 5,000 shipwreck items were sold in 2004-8!

8 foot - 17th century Spanish Iron Shipwreck Cannon
Recovered out of Monterey Bay, CA.
 Spanish Shipwreck Cannon for sale
Spanish cannons are just about impossible to find in any condition anywhere these days.
 Here is one that is very large and in stable condition located in the USA and at a very reasonable price!

 Spanish Shipwreck Cannon for sale   Spanish Shipwreck Cannon for sale   Spanish Shipwreck Cannon for sale   Spanish Shipwreck Cannon for sale
 Spanish Shipwreck Cannon for sale

Hurry as we expect it to sell instantly!
Price: $5,500 US$ + shipping
 Located  in Chesterfield, MA.
Note: We can provide a custom made carriage for this cannon for $3,500 made in Texas.

Now ready to ship on a pallet!

8 ft. Iron Spanish Shipwreck Cannon for sale

Huge Bronze Portuguese Rail Cannon
Portuguese Bronze Rail cannon for sale

The cannon came out of the Aegean sea from around the island Kythera.
 It has been in storage for 30 yrs.
Portuguese Bronze Rail cannon for sale
 The cannon is 49 inches long with close to a 2 inch bore.
The weight is 135 lbs. and it is located in California.

Bronze Portguese cannon for sale
The detail is extraordinary very rare to find in this museum quality with reverse sea horses, a rare flower vent at the pair of breach sights and the rare raised button middle sight.
    Portuguese Bronze Rail cannon for sale  Portuguese Bronze Rail cannon for sale    Portuguese Bronze Rail cannon for sale   
This cannon is Guaranteed Authentic.
The Sea Horse lifting handles are just unbelievably detailed!

Origin: Made by Portuguese craftsmen
Dates before 1750
Price: $7,995 US$ + shipping
Or pick up FREE in California

Two Antique European Naval Signal Cannons - Dating from the 1600's.

Summer Sale Item!

 4 height on the small one, 3 inch diameter base, forged, not cast, with 1 inch bore. Larger one about 5 inches.
The base flared with touch hole.
Used in evenly spaced lines and ignited in sequence, ships within view were able to calculate their position and speed from the delay between seeing the flash and hearing the report.
Well used with good nautical character.


Summer Sale Item!

Your choice at only $395 each with free shipping in the USA

All items below were sold and over 5,000 more!

Over 3,200 pieces were sold last year on this website and at auction on eBay.  Our thanks to all the customers who purchased these items!








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home page Shipping annins Wated

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