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Shipping - Delivery - Payment Information

  Iron Cannon




All cannons are shipped from Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Europe, or  from  the USA, depending on where they are currently located.  The shipping costs are determined by the cannons current location, not from its original point of origin.  We can sometimes arrange for you to pick up your cannon without cost at its current location!


We have currently have customers in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico, Mauritius, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, the Philippines, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Panama, Thailand, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, the Eastern Caribbean, and every single state in the USA.  The list is growing all the time! 

Handheld/Miniature cannons & small Lantakas & rail cannons & Shipwreck artifacts:

These smaller miniature cannons can be usually be shipped by Fast International Airmail from most Asian countries, as these cannons and artifacts are light weight.  A few of these have the shipping costs included in the offering prices.  Delivery time is about ten to fourteen days at the longest from SE Asia or 4/5 days in the USA.  DHL/FedEx is available at additional cost!


Small and Medium Lantakas and Rail Cannons:


By Ground: They are shipped by UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, USPS Priority Mail (150 lbs. or less), or Global Priority Mail if they are already located in the USA and are being delivered in the lower 48 states. Delivery time is one week or less.


By Air:   If they are located in Southeast Asia, they are shipped by  International Air Mail, FedEx, DHL, UPS or other carriers at the customers request and expense. Delivery time is about five days or a little longer if they are having a holiday!  This is on the expensive side!  Note: Due to security concerns there are  now delays in the USA on many occasion caused by U.S. Customs/Homeland Security backlogs and the new security rules.

By Sea:  To lower these costs, the cannons can be shipped with our consolidated container shipments by sea to the US West Coast and then forwarded on to you by UPS ground.  The delivery time by sea/ground can take up to sixty days as the order must wait for consolidations of a number of our shipments - but it averages about 30 to 45 days from SE Asia to the USA.  Shipping from South America to the USA takes 14 to 30 days, depending on if the shipment is going to the East or West coast.  Also, cannons can be shipped direct to the customer and delivered anywhere in the USA by truck.  Note: Due to security concerns there are some delays in the USA clearing US Customs recently which can increase the delivery time.  Note 2:  All USA shipments using wood crates MUST be fumigated at a cost of up to $150 US$ per shipment or built with certified Heat Treaded Lumber. Most foreign countries are requiring Heat Treaded Lumber too.

Large Lantakas - most Portuguese Rail Guns - and all heavy Cannons:

Our 9' 7" Dutch 7,000 pound cannon ready to ship by sea to Europe!

By Sea:  The larger cannons (And all multi-cannon orders) are usually crated and shipped by sea and are then forwarded on by truck to the customers location, if they are not located near a major seaport.   The delivery time by sea/ground can take up to sixty days - but it averages at about 30 to 35 days from time of shipping to an inland USA destination and about 18 to 25 days to a major seaport. Expect costs to run about $500 to $600 US$ for a single large cannon and add about $150 to $200 for each additional cannon shipped at the same time.  Exact charges are quoted at the time of placing your order and must be paid for in advance.  Sorry, no COD on shipping, except in some cases on the ground portion.  We DO NOT recommend any collect/COD for shipping charges as we have had some very bad experiences with this in the past with trucking companies overcharging for this service!  Note: Due to security concerns there have been some long delays in clearing US Customs in the USA recently which can increase the delivery time. Note 2:  All USA shipments using wood crates MUST be fumigated at a cost of up to $150 US$ per shipment or use certified heat treated lumber.

  brass cannon     

Bronze Lyle Cannon sold and being packed   Bronze Lyle Cannon sold and being packed  Bronze Lyle Cannon sold and being packed  Bronze Lyle Cannon sold and being packed  Bronze Lyle Cannon sold and being packed 

Crating, packing, and/or boxing and packing costs are not usually included in the shipping charges and/or the selling price of the cannons.

Please inquire for an exacting shipping quote from all other countries!

Note: All orders can be fully insured for loss or damage in the buyers name and the insurance policy documents are forwarded to the buyer at the time the shipment is made by Airmail and E-mail attachment.

The insurance costs (1.5 to 2 % of the value) is in addition to the shipping costs and is optional.

Payment Information 

Payment is due in full at time of order.  We can accept payments made by personal/company check (Delays shipping up to two weeks or more) or bank check/money order, bank wire transfers, direct deposits, or Western Union Money Transfer.

Bank wire transfers - Direct Deposits in our bank accounts - Western Union are recommended for the fastest shipping.   Payments for consignment cannons are usually sent direct to the sellers bank account by wire transfer only unless he is located in the USA.  (Note: We handle the packing and shipping on most consignment sale cannons, but not all, as they are shipped direct from the owner).  Sorry, no COD payments of any kind - anytime - to anyone!   We have had several very bad experiences doing this and you know who you are!

   We currently accept bank wire transfers and direct deposit in our bank accounts in the USA, and Standard Chartered Bank & HSBC, in other countries.  We cannot accept Bank Drafts in foreign currencies!

 You can now also pay by all major credit cards through Western Union Money Transfers by calling 1-800-325-6000 or PayPal for smaller amounts.

 All prices quoted are in US$ and all payments must be made in United States Dollars (US$)

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Please take note: All of the cannons in our inventory or offered on consignment sale are antiques (Except model cannons, modern firing reproduction cannons, carriages, etc.), and they require very little paperwork or documentation when crossing international borders.  As a rule they may be imported into the USA and many countries duty free.  For the most part - our antique cannons come with our certification of authenticity, local museum certifications, export documentation, as well as the paid invoice and insurance documents.

It is strongly recommended that none of these antique cannons ever be fired, as it may cause damage to the cannon, to yourself and/or to anyone in close proximity.  We assume NO RESPONSIBILITY of any kind for any attempt to fire these antique cannons and we make NO REPRESENTATIONS that they can be fired!

The Cannon SuperStore

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We have offices, payment/shipping and receiving points in California, Florida, Malaysia, and Singapore.

We currently have inventory in nine states in the USA and also in seven foreign countries.

Note: To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent sending or receiving certain types of file attachments.  Check your e-mail security settings to determine how attachments are handled. Please be SURE to include and as valid emails in your anti-spam box and anti virus emails programs as ALL of ours are cleaned!

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Note: For the FASTEST response to orders and inquires - always use email or the reply form above!

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