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A Pair of Fantastic Amsterdam

Bronze VOC - US Revolutionary War Era Cannons

Bronze VOC Cannon

All three Two avof these cannons date from the mid 1700's and are in excellent condition.  Some are dated (1764 & 1769) and all have the makers mark, P. Seest, as well as inventory numbers, etc. 

The bore size is 2.5 inches on most of them or nearly that size. 

These are just about impossible to find in a matched pair like this.  It has been several years since we had a pair of Bronze VOC cannons or even seen one available.


Dutch Bronze cannon 

Priced as follows:

Pair are 42 & 43 inches long and priced at: $14,500 each - complete with carriages.


Please inquire for more details!

Sorry for the low quality of some of these photos and the lack of complete descriptions, as we just acquired these.  All of these VOC Dutch Bronze cannons are located in the USA now for fast delivery.  Each of these cannons includes a museum quality custom made teak carriage as shown in the photos.  These cannons are still in the dark, dank, and dusty warehouse where they have been stowed for many years.  Note: We also have five additional teak cannon carriages available for this same type and size of cannons at $2,250 each.

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