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Brass Black Powder Cannon
Brass Reproduction Falconet Black Powder cannon for sale
Here is a full size reproduction of a small, early 16th century (early 1500s) field piece known as a Falconet; what today would be called a howitzer.  This is not a reproduction of a specific piece but is, rather, an amalgam of design elements adapted from several pieces from this period.  Since there were no established standards for style or manufacturer of armaments at this time, there were as many different styles and shapes of guns as the technology of the time and the manufacturers could devise.

Brass Reproduction Falconet Black Powder cannon for sale
The measurements of the gun are as follows:
Height at highest point: 24 inches
Length of barrel: 29 ½ inches
Bore of barrel: 2 3/8 inch
Diameter of wheels: 24 inches
Width of carriage across axles: 40 inches
Length of carriage (including wheels): 69 inches
Length of assembled gun from rear of carriage to muzzle of barrel: 74 ½ inches

Brass Reproduction Falconet Black Powder cannon for sale
This extraordinary piece of craftsmanship was constructed in 1995 by Daniel Diehl and his father, Jerry Diehl.  Daniel (author of 3 books on furniture building including Constructing Medieval Furniture, Medieval Furniture Plans and Instructions and Medieval & Renaissance Furniture (Stackpole Books 1997, 1999 and 2012 respectively) did all of the woodwork using only top grade American White Oak.  Jerry, a retired master machinist, did all of the metalwork.

Brass Reproduction Falconet Black Powder cannon for sale
Construction of this Falconet was executed in as near to a historical manner as is possible, within practical limits.  Woodwork was executed using hand tools wherever possible.  Mallets, chisels, hand drills and carving knives were the tools of primary usage.  Due to the nature of modern metals and the lack of a personal foundry, the metal portions of the gun (including the barrel, banding and tires) were executed with modern machine tools.  The barrel was milled from brass by a retired, professional machinist. Photos of the entire construction process are available on request and copies will be provided to buyer along with full documentation and illustrations of period pieces which provided design inspiration.
With the cannon comes a leather gunner’s pouch, 12 apostles (small wooden flasks for fine powder used in the touch-hole) ram, worm (for reaming out the barrel after firing), linstock (for holding the burning match and firing the cannon) and a length of burning match.
While this gun can be fired using black powder (using the standard English Civil War gun drill) it is not designed to shoot solid objects.
It is a salute gun or starter gun ONLY.

  Loading any type of heavy or solid object into the barrel could result in severe injury or death.  Recommended load is not to exceed ½ cup of coarse grain black powder.  Do not use modern smokeless powder!  Full firing instructions will be provided to purchaser and must be adhered to at all times.  The seller is not in any way responsible for any improper operation or use of this cannon.
Because of the cannon’s size and weight (in excess of 400 pounds) there are only two practical ways to move it: either you can pick it up here in central Ohio or have a shipping company include it with a load of goods that is going from my area to yours.  We will gladly try to help you find a mover via but the ultimate responsibility for, and cost of, moving the cannon is the sole responsibility of the lucky buyer.

Priced to sell FAST: $3,500.  USA

Brass Reproduction Falconet Black Powder cannon for sale


Warning DO NOT BUY ANY cannons or guns from Argentina!

due to Internet fraud!

Stolen CANNONS - Do not buy!

Two of our customers recently purchased the reproduction cannons on the left that were never delivered! They are still being advertised on the Internet on Guns America and other places!

German Krupp 1909 Cannons & Limbers! 

1909 Krupp Model L30 75mm

A 75mm Model L 30 1909 Krupp Cannon now located in Argentina!

This Cannon was purchased and paid for by our customer and now the Argentinean agent - Ricardo Birsa of US Exports claims it was never paid for and is trying to sell it on the Internet.  Mr. Birsa NEVER owned this cannon and several others that have not been delivered and we have notified ALL Argentina Government agencies and authorities about the situation.  It can NOT be exported by anyone at this time.  Two other similar Krupp cannons - but not in as good of condition - were also paid for and have not been delivered as well as two late 1890's Krupp Limbers.  Please contact us if you are approached about buying this cannon or contact Interpol direct.

Krupp World War Carriages
These may be in Argentina or Chile at this time.


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