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Civil War Reenactor Accessories

Ram Rod Sets with Oak or Walnut Heads

Civil War Cannon Tools for sale   Cannon Implements for sale

Reenactor Tools for sale

These sets of Civil War ramrods implements are made to regulation size and length for a "3" inch bore cannon (and can be custom made to any size you wish). A civil war reenactor would be proud to own and use these artillery implements on the battlefield or as presentation pieces. The ramrod heads are made of walnut (or Oak) with oak pegs and the rod staffs are made from oak. The whole set is made of solid oak and walnut woods then coated with linseed oil.
$495.00 for the 3 ramrods
(Mount shown in some photos is $120 US$ as an option)

Cannon Tools for sale

The Trail Spike shown costs $115 also made of solid oak and is also sold separately.

Reenactor Tools for sale

Cannon Tampion

Cannon tampion for sale   

Protect your cannon! Available in Oak or Mahogany.

Sized to fit your cannon.

$165 US$ up depending on the size + shipping

Cannon Vent Cover

Cannon Vent cover for sale  Cannon Vent cover for sale

Protect your cannon with one of these fine leather vent covers!

Price: $99 + shipping

Civil War Limber Ammo Chest

   Civil War Limber Ammo Chest For sale

Civil War Limber Ammo Chest For sale  Civil War Limber Ammo Chest For sale

Civil War Limber Ammo Chest For sale  Civil War Limber Ammo Chest For sale

49" long
24" wide
24" tall
125 lbs.

This Civil War regulation size made oak wood Limber Ammo Chest complete with the proper top and is ready to drop right on to any correctly made limber. The outside is painted enamel green with black metal trim and the inside is linseed oiled. This is a fine example and available for immediate delivery!
$2,995.00 each
A Travel Cover is available for an extra $149 made out of treated duck canvas with brass grommets and leather reinforced trimmings that are all hand sewn with sinew thread.

Civil War Limber Ammo Box cover for sale

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