Non-Firing Cannons

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None of the following cannons can ever fire anything!

They are for display and enjoyment only. All can be used indoors and some, that are made of cement, are suitable for outside storage. Most are in stock in limited quantities for fast delivery and ALL are available on order.


Non-Firing - One Third Scale
British 32 Pounder with Dauphins on Ships Carriage

British 32 Pounder scale cannon for sale

The barrel is cedar and is lathed turned to 36" long with a drilled 2-5/8" bore. It is faux painted a green patina that gives it an authentic bronze old world look. The carriage is made of oak and walnut stained with painted flat black wood trimmings.

   British 32 Pounder scale cannon for sale  British 32 Pounder scale cannon for sale  British 32 Pounder scale cannon for sale


Available with black barrel as shown above on custom order for $125 additional.

The original 32 Pounder cannons defended the British Empire on the high seas in the eighteenth century.

$2,195.00 + shipping from Texas

(overall measurements are 40" long, 19-1/2" wide, 18" tall, and weights 45 lbs.)

Walnut Barreled Model Cannon


Walnut Barreled Model Cannon for sale

Brand new!










Brand New!

   Wood Model Cannon  Wood Model Cannon 

Wood Model Cannon  Wood Model Cannon

Barrel length - 21 1/2 inches
Over all length - 23 inches
Height - 11 inches
Width - 16 inches
Weight - 15 lbs.
Only one available at $1,795. US$
This GREAT piece makes a perfect desk top work of art!

1/2 scale 10 pound Parrott Cannon for sale

10 Pounder Parrott Rifle on Ships Carriage

Non- Firing - 1/2 Scale
This 43" barrel is made from wood and is commonly mistaken by reenactors when they see it as an iron barrel.
It is painted a gloss black enamel. The barrel is lathe turned with a drilled 2-1/2" bore.

Wood Cannon barrel

$1,695 with the display stand

1/3 Scale 100 Pounder Parrott Rifle

1/3 Scale 100 Pounder Parrott Rifle

Mounted on front pintle Barbette carriage. The barrel is 43" long.
This all wooden construction, non-firing model, has a black enamel paint finish on the barrel, wheels, trim and green finish on the carriage.
This civil war cannon was mounted on land fortifications. This piece was made as a working piece that will slide forwards and backwards by turning the cannon mount wheels as did the original piece.
A beautiful example of an historic piece.

$3,495 US$

62" long
26" wide
33" tall
97 lbs.

Reproduction 100 Pounder Parrott Rifle for sale  Reproduction 100 Pounder Parrott Rifle for sale  Reproduction 100 Pounder Parrott Rifle for sale


Carronade Cannon For Sale

Non- Firing  Full Scale 12 Pounder Carronade on a Ship Carriage.

Carronade Cannon For Sale 

The 39 inch barrel, trimmings and carriage are made from wood.
It is painted drab olive green and gloss black enamel.
The Carronade was also known as "The Smasher" with it's 4 inch gun bore!
Carronades were ship board guns that were used to inflict great damage to the hulls of other ships in the 1700-1800's.
Beyond the beastly good looks of this gun, please notice the wooden dished wheels, trunnion caps and threaded elevation screw!
$2,995 US$

42" long
31" wide
24" tall
113 lbs.

Carronade Cannon For Sale

Twin British Light 6 Pounders on Garrison Carriages

Twin British Light 6 Pounders on Garrison Carriages

Non- Firing Full Scale Pair of British Light 6 Pounders with Dauphins
on Late 1600's Garrison Carriages.

All barrels, trimmings and carriages are made from wood.
Painted red mahogany stain and gloss black enamel.
These huge 55 inch wood barrels are lathe turned with a drilled 3 inch bore.
These beauties are true in every detail to the original cannons that defended the British outposts of the 18th century.
A first impression in the quality of the construction of these replicas is mistaken by most cannoneers for the real thing.

Twin Pair $2,895 US$ each

British Light 6 Pounder Garrison Carriage

Twin British Light 6 Pounders on Garrison Carriages  Twin British Light 6 Pounders on Garrison Carriages

British Light Six Pounder with barrel mounted
69" long
27" wide
26" tall
123 lbs.

Non- Firing  Full Scale 1841 Six pounder Cannon
Mounted on 1800's wood Ships Carriage

Cenment Yard Cannon for sale

This cannon is a very real looking replica of an 1841 six pounder mounted on an 1800's ships carriage.

The barrel is 64 inches long with a 3 inch bore.

The barrel is made out of concrete and cannot be fired.

Barrel weighs about 250 pounds and carriage about weighs 80 pounds.

Overall length is 71", 38" wide, 31" tall. The carriage length without cannon is 42" and 26" tall.

It was made for outdoor display and it looks outstanding in your yard or in front of a store! 

The barrel is painted with enamel black and carriage is made of fir wood and stained as shown for outside use.

   Cement Yard Cannon  Cement Yard Cannon  Cement Yard Cannon

Priced at: $2,295 US$ + shipping

The barrel can be purchased separately at $1,100. US$.

Cement Yard Cannon

Cement Cannons for sale

Non Firing Mortars and Yard Cannons here now!

Non-firing Mortars Yard Cannons

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