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Last up-dated on April 14, 2014


Note: One of these cannons on this page is of "new" manufacture by a master craftsman.  They are all custom made or antiques.  We have acquired these from numerous different sources around the world and some are "USED" with some being of original hand-crafted construction and some of them are antiques!  In most cases there is only one available and we do NOT know the age.  They are currently priced from $1,495 to $2,495 US$. 

Huge Vintage Reproduction Model of 1733 British Field Cannon.

British Reproduction Cannon form 1733 for sale

 At the top it has a Royal Crown of King George II and the date 1733.

British Reproduction Cannon form 1733 for sale

British Reproduction Cannon form 1733 for sale  British Reproduction Cannon form 1733 for sale  British Reproduction Cannon form 1733 for sale

Barrel length is approximately 36 inches

The wheels are 18 inches in diameter and the overall length is 55 inches.  

Weight is approximately 80 lbs.

Diameter of bore is 1 ľ inch

It has several floral patterns on the ribs, top side.

Itís in excellent condition.

 The carriage was made by a carpenter on the West Coast about 50 years ago and is GREAT!

We belive that this gun can be fired with black powder for smoke and noise, but it MUST be checked to confirm this fact before use.

Price: $2,495. US$ plus shipping.

Located in Milford, CT for free pick-up or we can arrange delivery anywhere!

Heavy 24 Pounder British 1743 Brass Cannon Model

British 24 PounderCannon Brass model for sale

This is the finest model cannon like this we have ever seen!  The detail is just fantastic!

The barrel is 10.5 inches long.

Inside Bore Diameter 12 mm

Made by N.B. Heathcote Fecit in 1987

Located in the UK.

Price: $1,495 US$ + shipping.

Walnut Barreled Model Cannon

Walnut Barreled Model Cannon for sale

Brand new!

   Wood Model Cannon  Wood Model Cannon

Wood Model Cannon  Wood Model Cannon

Barrel length - 21 1/2 inches
Over all length - 23 inches
Height - 11 inches
Width - 16 inches
Weight - 15 lbs.

Only one available at $1,795. US$

This GREAT piece makes a perfect desk top work of art!

Just listed!

Samples of Sold Cannons

Museum Model 

 Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon 





home pageShippingannins Wated


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