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World War II and later, USA and Russian Missiles & Sea Mine, etc.

World War II Russian Sea Mine!

Summer Sale Item!

WW II Russian Sea Mine! This is the very first one we have seen for sale anywhere.

Russian Sea Mine - World War II For Sale

Russian Sea Mine For Sale    Russian Sea Mine for sale 

It is inert and complete!
This Russian sea mine is marked 3215B22 46-44

Appropriately 39 inches tall with carriage. The mine itself is 20 inches diameter.
It has three (3) detonation prongs one of which is partially missing. It also has a brass screw opening for arming.

Russian Sea Mine for sale 
Russian Sea Mine for sale

The original four (4) wheeled service stand is included in the sale and shown in some of the photos.

Priced at only: $5,995 US$ to sell FAST +  shipping

Located in the USA for fast shipping of pick up FREE in Kentucky.

Only one available. HURRY as this will sell VERY fast at this VERY LOW pricing!!!

 Three Russian AS-10 Ground attack type Missiles
Very rare and hard to come by!

Very heavy!  Inert of course.
The missiles have 30 inch bottom fins. The approximate weight is 1,500 pounds. It is made out of heavy cast aluminum construction. There are no visible markings.

Russian Cruise missile 

 Russian Cruise Missle for sale
These are 12 feel long and 11 inches in diameter.
 $2,995 US$ each and located in the USA
Note: We will only ship these in the USA or you can pick up in Kentucky.

  Russian Air to Air Missiles!
 Summer Sale Item!

Very Rare!

Russian Air to Air Missiles

Russian Air to Air Missile for sale

Russian Air to Air Missile for sale     Russian Air to Air Missile for sale

Russian Air to Air Missile for sale

Inert of course. 
Approximately  11 feet 3 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter. 
 Markings: 321-A-81-2-015 and 301A over 0-1.
 The other marking reads NHEPTHA  and a backward R.
The marking is just saying the missile is inert.  It is pronounced "eenertnayah"
 One sold - last 2 available now!
$2,750 US$ each
Located in Kentucky for free pick up or we can ship anywhere!

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