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We have linked almost a thousand websites here and on other pages that are related to cannons and shipwreck salvage. 

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Part II

Some Links to  shipwreck salvaged projects.

16th Century
Flor de la Mar, 1512 (Indonesia)
Santiago, 1585 (Bassas da India)
Santo Antonio, 1589 (Seychelles)
San Pedro, 1596 (Bermuda)
Mystery Wreck of Marex
17th Century
San Diego, 1600 (Philippines)
Green Cabin Wreck or San Martin, 1618 (Florida)
Santo Antonio, 1621 (Bermuda)
Nuestra Señora de Atocha, 1622 (Florida)
Santa Margarita, 1622 (Florida)
Dry Tortugas Shipwreck, 1622 (Florida)
Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, 1638 (Dominican Republic)
Urca la Viga, 1639 (Florida)
Jesus Maria de Limpia Concepcion, 1654 (Equador)
Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, 1656
IM-02, 17th century (Mozambique)
18th Century
Capitana, Nueva España Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Almiranta, Nueva España Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Urca de Lima, Nueva España Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Patacho, Nueva España Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Patacho, Nueva España Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Almiranta, Tierra Firme Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Concepción, Tierra Firme Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Holandesa, Tierra Firme Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Francesa, Tierra Firme Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
San Miguel, Tierra Firme Fleet, 1715 (Florida)
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, 1724 (Dominican Republic)
Conde de Tolosa, 1724 (Dominican Republic)
El Rubi Segundo, 1733 (Florida)
San Francisco de Assis, 1733 (Florida)
El Gallo Indiana, 1733 (Florida)
Herrera, 1733 (Florida)
Figurine Wreck, 1733 (Florida)
El Lerri, 1733 (Florida)
San Pedro, 1733 (Florida)
El Sueco de Arizón, 1733 (Florida)
Geldermalsen or Nanking Cargo, 1751 (Indonesia)
Griffin, 1761 (Philippines)
Dromadaire, 1762 (Cape Verde)
Leijmuden, 1770 (Cape Verde)
Hartwell, 1787 (Cape Verde)
19th Century
Diana, 1817 (Malaysia)
Central America, 1857 (South Carolina)
Douro, 1882 (Biscay)


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