South East Asia's incredible Bronze Lantaka Rail Cannons

Originally designed and manufactured by the Portuguese.


 Above are just a few of the 3,000+ bronze Asian rail cannons that we have bought and sold all over the world in the last 20 years!

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Above are some recently sold Lantakas from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, and the jungles of Borneo, Brunei, and the southern Philippines!

Below is our current inventory on 6/17/2014.

We have sold out most of these now and only have one  GREAT pair at $7,995 US$ and they date from the late 1600's to middle 1700's!


   Unbelievable 18th century matched Pair of Bronze Rail Cannons!

Huge Price Reduction - Save $2,000!

Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale

A HUGE 51 inches long & 110 pounds each!

Pair of huge bronze cannons

 You will NEVER see another  exactly matched pair of bronze Lantaka cannons like these outside of a museum!

Matched pairs of these types of cannons and in this size, condition, and ornate design are impossible to find!

We recovered this pair of cannons in Borneo in early 2007 and they are now available again from the private collector we originally sold them to.

Length: 51.5 inches

Bore Diameter: 1.3 inches (3cm)

Muzzle Diameter 4.75 inches (12cm)

Weight: 110 lbs. each

Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale

These museum quality cannons have great leaf and flower designs! Very large decorated button middle sights, as well as a pair of rear sights and the large front sights!

Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale  Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale  Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale

There are double touch hole - one un drilled - which are also rare.

They have very ornate Sea Horse lifting handles!

Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale    Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale    Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale    Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale

Branze Rail Cannon Pair for sale

Two hardwood stands, hand carved and custom made by Dayak natives in Borneo, are included.

Both of these cannons are in excellent condition without any damage except for normal age and handling.

Origin: Brunei, Borneo, Southeast Asia and made by Portuguese craftsmen

Date: About the 1750's + determined due to the capped swivels

Huge Price Reduction - Save $2,000!

Now Priced for fast sale: $7,995 US$

Located in Southern California for free pick up or we can ship anywhere!


 To see recent Lantakas that were  


Swivel Rail Cannons

The Swivel Rail Cannon or Lantaka types of cannon were produced throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines (Mindanao), and also in Holland. Although the somewhat generic term “Lantaka” may be derived from a Malaysian dialect, it is generally applied to cannons of this unique design.  They are usually not longer than 2 meters (6.5 feet); they have a unique first reinforce octagonal design and a heavy swivel at the trunnion.  They usually have a short tube at the breech for inserting a long wood rod enabling the gunner to train the gun and stand back from it.

These cannons may be as small as six inches in length (Although most average out at two to four feet).  We have seen rare examples as long as nine feet!  Most of these highly prized collectables are working cannons that have been extensively used in salutes, ceremonial firings, conflicts, as well as a form of local currency.  The more cannons a man possessed the greater his wealth and he “paid” for a wife, a water buffalo, or whatever with a certain “weight” of cannons!

Usually the better quality Lantakas were cast by the Dutch and Portuguese colonials after 1650. Finer detail, design, and quality control prevailed as many were founded in Holland for export to the Spice Islands.  A number of foundries were also located in Java and Sumatra, in particular, Batavia (Now Jakarta) – which was the capital of the Dutch East India Company in Indonesia.

These guns were primarily used as “currency” for trading for spices. The Portuguese Lantaka were usually cast in Malaysia and Borneo (What is now Brunei) up to the early 1600's. They were not as refined as the Dutch but rather set the standard design which the Dutch would later replicate, embellishing them with various designs. These cannon can occasionally be viewed in the more remote villages throughout the Indonesian and Malaysian archipelago.  

The most extraordinary examples of intricate designs are found in Brunei, where they have recently been banned from export.  There are over 3,000 of these fantastic cannons located in the armory of the Royal Brunei Museum, with about 36 currently on display.

All cannon offerings are subject to prior sale.  All cannons are guaranteed authentic antiquities and are as described as such.  Terms are payment with order and prices DO NOT include shipping charges unless specifically listed in the offering price!


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