German Krupp World War I Cannons! 

Krupp Cannons in Argentina in 1930's

Photo of Krupp cannons and limbers in Argentina in 1930's.  We have purchased many of these cannons in Argentina and sold them all over the world!

 We are currently cash buyers of any WWI Krupp cannons and horse limbers located anywhere in the world!

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Stolen CANNONS - Do not buy!

German Krupp 1909 Cannons & Limbers! 

1909 Krupp Model L30 75mm

A 75mm Model L 30 1909 Krupp Cannon now located in Argentina!

This Cannon was purchased and paid for by our customer and now the Argentinean agent< Ricardo Birsa of US Exports claims it was never paid for and is truing to sell it on the Internet.  Mr. Birsa NEVER owned this cannon and we have notified ALL Argentina Government agencies and authorities about the situation.  It can NOT be exported by anyone at this time.  Two other similar Krupp cannons - but not in as good of condition - were also paid for and have not been delivered as well as two late 1890's Krupp Limbers.  Please contact us if you are approached about buying this cannon or contact Interpol direct.

Krupp World War Carriages
These may be in Argentina or Chile at this time.

More details below!

A once in a lifetime opportunity!

 1909 Krupp Model L30 75mm

75mm Model L 30 1909 Krupp Cannon

This 1909 cannon is virtually BRAND NEW - it was NEVER put into service - it was only test fired - and NEVER stored outside!!!  It is just as it was originally delivered by the Krupp factory to the Argentine military and has always been oiled and maintained!  You will never see another 98 year old cannon like this one anywhere at any price!

Krupp cannon   Krupp World War 1 Cannon  Krupp cannon

We now have just acquired this fantastic Krupp Breech loading Cannon in Argentina!

We have to say that this 1909 cannon in the best condition we have ever seen!  It is literally impossible to have a cannon this age (98 years) in any better condition.  It is complete with the tool box and the seats.  ALL of the moving parts and the breach are in excellent working condition. The shield is complete and original. The wheels are like new and the rear handle is included. All the paint seems to be original.  It has NOT been demilitarized - only the firing pin removed by the Argentine Army.  Even the barrel was never painted by the Argentine Army as it their custom.

 Krupp tool box     Krupp wheel   Argentine Krupp

  Krupp Cannon Barrel    

On the cannons barrels it reads "Krupp Modelo Argentino 1909 " and the serial numbers with a large Argentinean shield . They weigh 1100 kg (2425 pounds ). The total length: 161.4 inches, width: 43.3 inches  and the height: 52 inches.  

We have sold a total of eleven of these great cannons so far - but nothing like this one!

Sorry - Sold in 12 hours - 3/15/07

 An import permit authenticated by the local Argentine Consulate is required for us to export.

Krupp Cannon

Background information on Krupp Cannons in Argentina:

Argentina had a very close relationship from 1870 to 1918 with Germany. The Germans were the official suppliers of artillery and hand weapons during that period. That is the reason why they used the Mausers 1891, 1909 rifles, the Smeissser MP 28 machine gun, and all the different Krupp artillery. From 1900 to 1918, Argentina imported four different types of Krupp cannons. These included the 75 mm model L 30 1909 (The ones we have for sale now) , the 130 mm L 26 model 1905 Krupp, Obús 105 mm Krupp, and the Obús 155 mm model L 14 from 1911. After World War I, Argentina changed from the German supplier for a French one.

Krupp World War Carriages     Krupp horse drawn carriage

Original Krupp Limbers - Purchased in Chile - Sorry Sold!

Krupp Cannon Books Available

The Arms of Krupp 1587 - 1968

By William Manchester

Little Brown, 1968, 1968. Decorative Cloth. - over 9" Tall.  942 pages. Photos, index.  William Manchester spent many months in Germany researching what is considered the definitive account of the Krupps and their firm, which came to be called the "Anvil of the Reich" includes the Krupp genealogy and chronology of the company through the Nuremburg trial and postwar struggles to the end and dissolution of the firm in 1968.  

 Used condition - very few available!

$25 US$ delivered in the USA

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Offered 08/01/2011.