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The Antique Cannon SuperStore is now offering antique and modern cannons from our own collection and cannons obtained from dealers and private collectors around the world. 

We currently we have over one hundred unique antique cannons available and more then forty black powder cannons.  Our antique cannons range in  size  from three inches to  eight and half feet  and they are currently wholesale priced from $795 to $69,500 US$.  The cannons we  have available now are of American, Dutch, Portuguese, British, French, Moro, Spanish, Swedish, German, and Chinese origins.  They were originally manufactured in America, Argentina, Europe, Brunei, the Sulu Sultanate, Java, Sumatra,  and in China. The age of these cannons varies from the 1,400's to 1946 and includes various types of  demilitarized  artillery from World War I & II. 

We also have decorative reproduction cannons, and Black Powder/firing  cannons from many different countries due to numerous requests.  Most of these cannons are not antiques, but most are not "new manufacture" either.  Many are "one of a kind" hand-made canons!  Almost fifty of these type of cannons are available now and they are priced from $79 to $16,500 US$.  These model, signal, decorative, black powder firing cannons, and Civil War Reenactor cannons are all located in the USA - for immediate shipping. The cannons in our collection and in our consignment  inventory have come from shipwreck salvage projects, been recovered during land excavations, purchased from family heirloom collections,  acquired from antiquities collectors, or have been purchased from international antiquities dealers and collectors.   A few are consignment sales from individual collectors and estate sales.







Our personnel have been involved in all aspects of the "cannon trade" for more then thirty years.  They have personally recovered  hundreds of cannons from the sea, several from land sites, and sought out numerous rare bronze guns in extremely remote locations from the Caribbean and South America to Southeast Asia.  New management has recently been added that increases our expertise in the buying of antique cannons in remote areas of the world.      

Over the last thirty years we have sold, traded, or auctioned (And in a few cases donated) more then 9,000 antique bronze and iron cannons!  More then 700 have been sold on eBay alone in the last three and a half years and we were selling at auction at GunBroker until recently.   We have traveled the world inspecting thousands of cannons offered for sale, held in private collections, and displayed to the public in various museums and  in other  venues.   Just recently, we were privileged to be able to inspect the thirty-six fantastic cannons on display in the Royal Brunei Museum and the three thousand bronze cannons held in their armory of antique weapons located under the museum!  All of this extensive experience with various types of cannons allows us to accurately describe and authenticate the rare items offered on these pages.






This website is not  just a "shopping cart for antique cannons"  as we will endeavor to collect all of the available information on cannons that we can acquire and/or that is provided to us from outside sources.   This process has already begun  and it will continue as fast as we are able to obtain the information and get it posted.  The material  provided will include photos of cannons from around the world, detailed descriptions and drawings, current news articles, Internet links to hundreds of other cannon and shipwrecks - with cannons  websites, museums with large cannon collections, and anything else that is related to the history, preservation, and collecting of cannons.

We hope that this website will  become a main source of information and research on cannons.  We are planning a page of completed cannon sales and prices realized - if available, to help in your evaluation of the current cannon market.  We have already assembled other cannons for sale for comparison purposes. This will include all of the completed sales we can obtain information on, including our own - with the buyers consent.  Please summit ANY information you may have on recent cannon sales (With photographs) to us to help with this project. 

New details and photographs of our  inventory are posted everyday and are up-dated 24/7/365. This includes new acquisitions as they are obtained during our current buying expedition throughout the USA, South East Asia, and in South America.   More then 900 antique cannons have been sold at our auctions in the last few years alone! 

We believe that we have the largest collection of US Civil War and other antique cannons - available for sale - anywhere in the world. These are listed on this website right now - and at the lowest possible prices!

We  also have posted 100's links and extensive information on all type of cannons, their construction, use, and their history.  Currently we have articles on cannons from America, Asia, the Western Hemisphere, and the Middle East.  We hope you enjoy this website - that you will bookmark it - and that you will return here often - as we will be continually adding additional cannons available for purchase and expending the information on antique cannons.  The last information was added and updated on October 22, 2012. We have offices in California, Florida, and Singapore for shipping/receiving cannons and payments, but no there are no retails sales at these locations.  We currently have cannons located in nine states in the  US and five in countries.

All of the  cannons that are currently listed here are ready for immediate shipment.  As always, we offer a 100% guarantee as to the  authenticity and the accuracy of descriptions of all  cannons we offer for sale.  They will always  be listed at the lowest possible prices! 

Dealer inquiries on multiple cannon  purchases are invited as well as any offers to sell, consign, or trade any cannons you may wish to dispose of. Please note that we have a large number of other cannons that are NOT listed on this website. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us with your needs! Dealer inquires are always welcome!

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