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    1880 Hotchkiss 4 barrel 37mm Naval Revolver - Cannon 

Hotchkiss 37mm Cannon

1880  No. 481

This extremely rare Hotchkiss is in very good condition and it is in full operating condition. 
The current owner has fired it on numerous occasions.
It is complete with the original firing pin and spring as well as the original crank handle, including brass gear cover.
Original rear and front sights!
Barrels have the original blue.
The rifling is truly excellent, probably the best that we have ever seen.
The feed tray is included.

The carriage was professionally made  by a master craftsman and made like an original by
 taking castings from other Hotchkiss carriages.  It is ALL new including the oak wheels and is the "Naval Landing Carriage".


It is the perfect size for an office or a den.

Slight imperfections:
At one time the gun was dropped and it has a crack in the gray housing. 
It is not noticeable and certainly does not affect firing or the appearance.
It is missing the original shell ejector but one was made and it is included.

This gun really shows nicely and shoots very well!

Price: $95,000 US$

   Hotchkiss Carriage  Hotchkiss Carriage


Hotchkiss Carriage



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