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Original Hotchkiss 1.65 inch Mountain Rifle

A Fantastic Original Rifled-Bore Breech Loading Black Powder Firing Cannon!

Only 50 known to exist in the world!

(Also called a 2 pound Quick Firing Gun)

Model 1886 - Built 1880's

Used in the Indian and Spanish-American Wars

An original still "Working" Cannon

This Gun is complete and is field ready to FIRE.

  Hotchkiss Field Cannon

These great Hotchkiss Mountain Rifles were used in the Indian Wars and four of these guns were unfortunately used at the massacre at Wounded Knee.  They were also used extensively in the Spanish American War.  It is estimated than less than fifty of these guns survive world-wide today. This is an original cannon that is complete. The tube and carriage was built by American Ordinance Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

 1.65 Hotchkiss Mountain Rifle  Hotchkiss Mountain Rifle wheel

Complete: with the Carriage as shown in the photos.

This gun is in like New Condition!  100% legal to own in the USA! No license or registration or taxes required!         

  Barrel:  1.65 inch rifled - restored to original specifications! 

Hotchkiss Cannon    Hotchkiss Gun    Hotchkiss Mountain Cannon  Bore

     Fired with friction primers!

  Carriage:  Original steel construction made in France. The carriage was built by Hotchkiss in Paris, France. The steel carriage was completely sandblasted to white metal, primed and painted. Serial # 454

                  Hotchkiss & Co. Cannon Carriage 

  Barrel Markings: American Ordinance Co. in Bridgeport, Conn. (light) and serial number 196

      Barrel:  1.65 inch rifled - restored to original specifications!

 Complete with the following Inventory

Hotchkiss 1.65 inch shells    Hotchkiss Mountain Rifle

Included with this piece are original shells, original shell cases and shop built shell cases, a projectile mold, cleaning rod and a bore mop

There are at least 12 shell cases that will go with the gun and a supply of zinc projectiles and a steel projectile mold. All of the shell cases have a shop built check valve installed to prevent back flame from washing the breech block. Powder charge using cannon grade black powder can vary from 4 oz to 5 3/4 oz.  

Sorry, no longer available. 2/24/2011

We may have another one soon!

  Located in Kansas - we can ship this cannon anywhere in the world at cost or pick it up FREE in Kansas!

We will deliver it FREE anywhere in the Continental United States with full payment.

Hurry - this will not last!  This is only the third time we have had one like it for sale and we do not know of any others available for sale anywhere - for any price!

Additional Information, specifications, and stock photos of the Hotchkiss Mountain Rifle!

Hothchkiss 1.65 inch Mountain rifle 

General Information:

The 1.65 inch Hotchkiss gun a light gun intended to be packed on mules to accompany either a fast moving cavalry troop or an army maneuvering in rough country. During the Spanish American War they were also seeing use as an infantry close support gun. The gun and accessories could be packed on two mules, with 72 rounds on each ammunition mule. Packed with the gun was a draught pole and harness so the gun could be pulled in smooth country.


The 1.65” gun was introduced into federal service as a modern replacement for the aging 12 Pounder ML Mountain Howitzer. The U.S. purchased its first gun in 1876 from the French arms firm of Hotchkiss Ordnance Co. This gun was to see combat against the Nez Perce Indians in 1877. Over the next twenty years the U.S. would purchase about fifty-six of these little guns.

In Cuba these guns were fired against Spanish positions at Las Guasimas by the gun detachment of the 10th U.S. Cavalry where the unit expended 21 shells. For the attack on San Juan Hill, Lt. Hughes placed the detachment of four guns 75 yards beyond the San Juan River to shell the Spanish fortifications. These guns raked the heights as the infantry attacked. Emplaced on San Juan Hill the 10th U.S. Cavalry's guns helped repulse the Spanish counterattack on July 2nd. The guns were also employed during the general bombardment of Santiago on July 10th, 1898.

Later the 1.65” Hotchkiss guns would also see combat again in the Philippine American War.


The 1.65 Inch Hotchkiss gun was well liked by the troops who used the gun. Their light weight made them extremely portable. The gun was well built and simple to operate. It was also a very accurate gun. By the time of the Philippine American War, the guns were being converted to center fire cartridge ignition with smokeless powder used as propellant.


Total Weight: 362 pounds
Range: 3500 yards (2miles)

GUN TUBE Material: Steel
Total length of tube: 3.83 feet
Length of bore: 3.43 feet
Travel of projectile: 3.10 feet
Caliber: 1.65 inches
Weight: 121 pounds
Grooves: 10
Twist of Rifling, uniform: 1 in 29.83 cals.
Muzzle velocity: 1298 feet per second

CARRIAGE: Material: Steel
Weight, complete: 241 pounds
Height of trunnion axis above ground: 27.55 inches
Diameter of wheels: 37.4 inches
Track of carriage: 2.46 feet


The 1.65” Hotchkiss Mountain Gun fired two types of projectiles. A common shell, either base fused or nose fused or a canister. The common shell would explode on contact showering the enemy with jagged shell fragments. The canister would rip open at the muzzle spraying the enemy with a fan shaped pattern of hardened lead ½ inch balls. This projectile was used at close range. The early cartridge case did not have a primer. Instead there was a hole in the center covered internally with a diaphragm. The gun was fired by a friction primer inserted into the back of the breech housing.


The flame would enter the case head (d) at the center vent (v) penetrating the case body (a) lifting a diaphragm
(not shown) firing the charge.

Ammunition types

Nose fused common shell with early wrapped case used with friction primer; tin body canister with two piece case used with friction primer; cut-a-way base fused common with one piece center fire primered case; brass body canister with center fire case; late nose fused common shell with center fire case.

Weight of round (common shell): 2.62 pounds
Weight of shell, filled: 1.95 pounds
Weight of round (canister) complete): 3.47 pounds
Weight of canister: 2.8 pounds
Number of balls in canister 30
Powder Charge: 5.5 ounces mortar
Bursting charge of shell: 1.8 ounces
Weight of cartridge case, empty: 5.3 ounces
Weight of fuse: 1.9 ounces

Hotchkiss 1.65 Sharpnel  Round

1.65 Inch Shrapnel Round for the 1.65 inch Hotchkiss gun of the Wounded Knee, Spanish American War period.

The shell is in excellent original quality, it is inert and not able to be fired.

The red color denotes that it is a Shrapnel round. It is nose fused and center fire primed.


1.65 Inch Hotchkiss Mountain Gun Round cartridge for the 1.65 inch Hotchkiss gun of Wounded Knee fame. This pattern of cannon was also used in the Cuban and Philippine Campaigns. The shell is 12 inches in height. As can be seen in the photo, this shell is nose fused.


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