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of Fake "Antique" Cannons!

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Fake VOC cannons being offered in Jakarta, Indonesia and represented as Originals!


Fake VOC cannons in Indonesia  Fake VOC cannons for sale in Indonesia   Fake VOC Cannons for sale in Indonesia

Fake VOC Cannons for sale in Indonesia  Fake VOC Cannons for sale in Indonesia   Fake VOC Cannons for sale in Indonesia

Fake VOC Cannons for sale in Indonesia  Fake VOC Cannons for sale in Indonesia

These fake cannons are being offered now at prices of $8,000 to $20,000 US$ as originals!


See statement sent to us below on these obvious fakes.

"All of them were original, and in a very good condition."

Ade Arifandi
From Indonesia

Fake cannons offered online 12/20/2014

Fake VOC Cannon

Fake Bronze VOC cannon offered online


FAKE VOC cannon being offered in Indonesia (July 1, 2012)

Fake VOC Caannon Indonesia

Fake Bronze VOC cannon for sale in Indonesia

Two FAKE VOC cannons being offered in Malaysia (May 5, 2011)

Fake cannons for sale in Malaysia  Fake VOC cannons for sale in Malaysia.

Don't buy these two obvious fakes.

Huge FAKE Bronze cannons now being offered in the Philippines (2/20/2011)

Fake Bronze cannons in the Philippines      Fake Bronze cannons in the Philippines   

These 8.5 foot "Dutch" pieces are being offered all over as originals. They are NOT! Beware!

Fake Dragon Cannon


Fake Bronze cannon BEWARE

Huge fake (6 foot 10 inch) Dragon Cannon above were recently offered to us in SE Asia (3/9/2010)



Fake bronze cannons predominate in the Philippines! 

There are so many there now that we do not buy ANY Philippine cannons anymore.

Warning DO NOT BUY ANY cannons

or guns from Argentina due to Internet fraud!
Two of our customers recently purchased the following reproduction cannons that were never delivered! 

They are still being advertised on the Internet on Guns America and other places!

News article August 20, 2007

Avoid Fake Antiques
By Malcolm Katt
Special to
8/20/2007 10:46 AM EDT

"A pair of reproduction bronze cannons, manufactured for the Dutch East India Company (with a mark of VOC on each cannon), supposedly dating from the mid-1700s sold online for $15,000 just this past month. Their worth as reproductions is about $5,000 -- and had they been genuine, the price would be closer to $50,000."

Fake Iron Cannons

Don't Buy these FAKE VOC cannons!


These five "fake" and very HUGE VOC cannons recently turned up in Jakarta, the Philippines, Mexico, in Bali. and three are being offered to us by email too! Priced from $15,000 to $50,000 US$.  Worth about $5,000 as reproductions.


A Pair of these were offered to us for only $15,000 each - when worth about $50,000 US$.  When a deal is too good - it is too good to be a deal! Be careful as these are being offered on the Internet in emails now from the Philippines.

Note the "perfect" vent hole on the above two reproductions. Trunnions also were too good and the "carvings" are way too weak.

Fake VOC


 We have also come across other fake cannons in the USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore! Buyers please beware!

Fake Cannons 

Our buyers have come across a number of fake cannons in our extensive search to acquire antique bronze and iron cannons worldwide.  We will display photographs of known fakes and reproductions here and attempt to provide information on determining the "real antiquities" from the reproductions.  There is nothing wrong with reproductions - if that is what you want - we just want to help you make sure that any "old" cannon that you purchase is really an old cannon and not newly constructed and represented to buyers as an original antique!

This 27 inch reproduction Dragon cannon only weighs 7.5 lbs!

These eight foot cannons are currently being represented as originals and weigh almost a ton!

Things to watch out for in cannon buying!

Just be careful and know what you are buying and enjoy the ownership of these fantastic antiquities


Fake VOC cannons 

Fake VOC - A  from Indonesia!


 Both of these are fakes!  The one on the left is much more obvious. The giveaways are the touch hole, the patina, and the crude crown on the one on the left.  The cannon on the right is the best "fake" one we have ever seen!


The lettering and the "lighthouse" and date are way too large!

Another fake VOC dated 1731 that is located in the USA- This 6' 9" cannon weighs over 600 pounds! Note: It was NOT offered to us as an original!



Reproduction of a Philippine Lantaka


Note the SMOOTH BORE, the way too large touch-hole (And too round!), as well as the "sharp" ridges all over the gun.  Also the swivel is way too long for this size cannon and the patina is too even!

Huge 9 foot fake Philippine Portuguese Lantakas.  Most bronze/brass cannons from the Philippines are fake these days!


Fake "Sandwich" cannon!  Bronze on the outside-cement in the middle-bronze on the inside!

More Fake cannons on EBAY!

Latest eBay Fakes!

This one above has been on eBay MANY times with a $3,500 minimum bid and is still listed in a sellers store!  We would not buy it for $150!



And yet one listed on eBay in Germany more!



Important Notice!

We have very recently come across three fake VOC cannons at a shipping company in Jakarta where they were being prepared for export!   Two were  made from solid cast brass and the other one is solid cast bronze !

The photo above is  the one made out of brass (Note: The color is all wrong - way too brassy!).  The Dutch did not make brass cannons - only bronze - as it is MUCH harder!  The fakes are cast in brass as it is MUCH cheaper in Indonesia and easier to come by from scrap dealers.  This cannon, which is 120 cm long is EXACTLY the same as one being sold on the Internet now for $35,000 Australian dollars!

We do not believe that the company that is selling it knows it is a reproduction!  The selling price of the above cannon in Jakarta is $2,800 US$. These latest reproductions are VERY good copies and very hard to determine that they are fakes - if they are made out of bronze.  If you would like to buy a reproduction, we will be happy to get one for you at $3,500 US$ not $35,000 Australian dollars.   We will deep STAMP the bottom of the cannon "REPRODUCTION" and the current date!  We WILL NOT sell these without the stamp!

Below are photos of another of the "antiqued" brass cannon reproductions that was  sold as an authentic VOC cannon and is being crated for export to some unlucky buyer"


November 3, 2003

The cannon shown above and below is a reproduction of an original. About 200 of these were made 25 years ago, not in South East Asia, but in the United States! The original sold for a few thousand dollars. The copies were to have been sold for a few hundred. These are exchanging hands and circulating around the country. Many are now claimed to be originals. How does one tell? It isn't easy. Even museums are fooled. Only real experts know what to look for, and it's hard to describe. When you handle dozens of these over a period of several years, the originals have a certain "flavor" and you can then easily spot a forgery. Some unscrupulous people even go one step further and "antique" the pieces. This is done by putting acid on them to them to accelerate the oxidation. This gives the barrel a green patina. Rolling a barrel in the mud, letting it dry and brushing it off also "antiques" it.

Reproduction CC Galbraith & Son Life Saving cannons!

Note:  People have been seriously injured and killed firing these reproductions form SE Asia!


Reproduction Line Cannon 

Reproduction Line cannon


Compare with an original below!

  Be careful out there!!!


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