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Extremely Rare  Driggs Breech Loading 1 pounder Cannon

Model - Mark IX


Driggs Breech loader





This great breech loader dates from the early 1900's and is a Driggs 1 pounder Mark IX that is in excellent condition.  

It measures about 54 from the muzzle to the end of the breech.  The Brass stand measures 39 tall, not including the cradle. 




On the side of the breech it is stamped with Driggs Ordnance Engineering Co., New York - U.S.A., The gun number is 204 inspected by the U. S. Navy.




The overall condition is very good.  There is some light rust on the barrel and breech block.  Breech opens and closes smoothly.  

The Rifled bore is in very good condition with no sign of heavy corrosion.  The detachable sights are missing. 

We feel that it can be fired without problems, but this is up to the buyer to determine and verify.

This gun does not require any BATF registration or licensed due to is age.


We would estimate the weight at 250 lbs for the gun and 250 lbs for the stand.  




It was mounted on a private yacht owned by E. F. McDonald of Chicago who was the founder of Zenith Radio.  

The yacht was the 185 ft. Mizpah. 

  We have photos of the yacht it was mounted on, as well as newspaper articles from the 1930s talking about the world adventures the cannon, its owner, and the ship went on.

  One magazine article talks about how Mr. McDonald would motor out to a lighthouse in Lake Michigan and fire the cannon to wake up the lighthouse keeper so they could have breakfast.

Sorry, sold 4/07/2008

It is currently located in the mid-west of the USA and we can arrange delivery anywhere in the world!

Here is what it looks like after the restoration!

Driggs 1 Pounder cannon


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