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Cannons of all types priced under $1,000 US$


 2.25 inch bore Coehorn mortar
This is a very nice South Bend Replicas Mortar


South Bend Ordnance is a replica cannon producer that is well known for making a safe and reliable products and offers reduced size and bore models of bigger cannons and mortars.
They're made in the U.S.A.!
It is located in Omaha, Nebraska for free pick up or we can ship anywhere.
Priced to sell fast at: $749 US$

Civil War Reenactors Black Powder Mortar for sale


American Iron Plank Cannon
Middle to late 1800's

Price Reduced $200!

Sale pending 4/13/2015

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale

Length: 11 inches

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale
Bore: 1 inch
Weight:  10.5 pounds

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale

Condition: Very good with some slight surface pitting!

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale

New wood display stand included.

         1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale
Price Reduced $200!
Price now only: $695 US$ + shipping
Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Full Size 66 inch Cement Display Cannon



Non firing 1841 six pounder.

 Full scale at 66" long, barrel is cast concrete with re-bar.

It weighs about 225 lbs. and has a 3" bore.

It can be purchased separately from the carriage for $795.

This six pounder was used in the Civil War on field carriages or mounted on a ship carriage.

Ship carriage can be purchased separately for $1,000. Makes a great outdoor display!

1/2 scale 10 pound Parrott Cannon for sale

10 Pounder Parrott Rifle on Ships Carriage

Non- Firing - 1/2 Scale
This 43" barrel is made from wood and is commonly mistaken by reenactors when they see it as an iron barrel.
It is painted a gloss black enamel. The barrel is lathe turned with a drilled 2-1/2" bore.

Wood Cannon barrel

$895 with the display stand

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