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Cannons of all types priced under $1,000 US$


American Iron Plank Cannon
Middle to late 1800's

Price Reduced $200 on August 5, 2013!

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale

Length: 11 inches

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale
Bore: 1 inch
Weight:  10.5 pounds

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale

Condition: Very good with some slight surface pitting!

1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale

New wood display stand included.

         1800's Iron Plank Cannon for sale
Price Reduced $200 on August 5, 2013!
Price now only: $695 US$ + shipping
Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Full Size 66 inch Cement Display Cannon



Non firing 1841 six pounder.

 Full scale at 66" long, barrel is cast concrete with re-bar.

It weighs about 225 lbs. and has a 3" bore.

It can be purchased separately from the carriage for $795.

This six pounder was used in the Civil War on field carriages or mounted on a ship carriage.

Ship carriage can be purchased separately for $1,000. Makes a great outdoor display!

1/2 scale 10 pound Parrott Cannon for sale

10 Pounder Parrott Rifle on Ships Carriage

Non- Firing - 1/2 Scale
This 43" barrel is made from wood and is commonly mistaken by reenactors when they see it as an iron barrel.
It is painted a gloss black enamel. The barrel is lathe turned with a drilled 2-1/2" bore.

Wood Cannon barrel

$895 with the display stand

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