Cannon Identification, Certificates of Authenticity & Current Market Value

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We can provide a Certificate of Authenticity, Identification  and written current market value of almost any type of cannon!

Sorry, this service ins no longer available except to existing customers or current consignment listings>


US Model 1903 Field Cannon  Bronze Lyle  Line cannon

We charge $75 US$ for a written appraisal which includes a Certificate of Authenticity and mailing costs by registered airmail anywhere in the world.
Cannon Certificate of Authenticity
We need good high quality large format digital photos of the cannon sent by email.
These must be from different angles and include close-ups of ALL markings and the muzzle and vent (touch hole).
We also need the general measurements and weight if possible.

Cannon Measurments for ID or carriage
If we cannot issue the identification, the market appraisal or a Certificate of Authenticity for any reason, we will refund your payment.

home pageShippingannins Wated