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Occasionally we are able to obtain various books and catalogs about cannons. This list changes frequently and we usually only have one or two copies of the books listed below as most of them are out of print - so please check back often - and if you want one - don't hesitate to order now!  If you have any books about cannons for sale -  please contact us.


Author Geoff Lawson with the Krupp Number Four

Author Geoff Lawson with the Krupp Number Four

Krupp Number Four New Zealand Cannon Book


A huge research collection of "The Artilleryman Magazines"!

60+ back issues available dating from 1981 to 2001!

$125 US$ plus shipping!

Publication Date: April 11, 1994
The Epic Struggle of the Blue and Gray by the Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian Bruce Catton. Here is the true look of the war with 836 pictures including many in color that have never been printed before. The illustrations range from the superb photographs of Mathew Brady and the famous sketches of Winslow Homer to dozens of previously unknown paintings, drawings, and eye-witness battle scenes. No previous single volume on the war has even approached the magnitude and the color of this collection.

Good condition!

$20 US$ only one copy! + $5 postage

Battles of the American Revolution

Rand McNally, 1975 - 126 pages
A concise military history of the war reconstructing eight major encounters - Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Trenton and Princeton, Germantown, Saratoga, Monmouth, Cowpens and Yorktown.

Price $10 including shipping (used - good)

Publication Date: October 1996 | ISBN-10: 0939631032 | ISBN-13: 978-0939631032 | Edition: 1
The concise guide to the weapons, ammunition and equipment of Civil War artillery. More than 150 photos and drawings.

$10 Delivered! (used - good)

Reprint of 1872 Treatise on Civil War Era Cannon, Howitzers, Mortars

 and the Amazing Gatling Gun!

This is a reprint of a fascinating treatise on cannons and cannon projectiles. It was first published in 1872 shortly after the end of the American Civil War and reviews the many significant developments brought about during that conflict. This report contains a great deal of information valuable to the Civil War enthusiast. As you know there is a great deal of information on the conduct of battles but very little about the ordnance used. Here you will find good information on the Parrot guns, on Dahlgren's curious hexagonal bores, on the weight of powder charge used in cannons and mortars of various sizes. The section on shells and bursting projectiles fascinating and helpful in identifying the shell fragments and curious projectiles one occasionally comes across.

There is also information on English and continental cannon development. This was a time of tremendous strides in metallurgy and here you will find details of water-cooled cores designed to produce chill-cast bores in cast-iron cannon. There is also a good section on traditional casting techniques for making bronze cannon! Krupp's GIANT breech loading cannon capable of throwing a 1200 pound projectile is examined, as is Armstrong's breech mechanism adopted by the British Army.

In addition, we have included an excellent article on the AMAZING Gatling Gun, explaining its operation and illustrating the different sizes and mounts, including mounting the gun on camel-back!

This is not a skinny report that will leave you disappointed, but thirty-five 8 1/2 x 11 pages of hard-to-find information illustrated with large, clear engravings. All of the drawings shown here are included along with many more.

Priced at: $10.00 delivered anywhere in the world!



Krupp Cannon Books Available

The Arms of Krupp 1587 - 1968

By William Manchester

Published by Little Brown, 1968. Hardcover - over 9" tall.  942 pages. With photos and index.  William Manchester spent many months in Germany researching what is considered the definitive account of the Krupps' and their firm, which came to be called the "Anvil of the Reich" includes the Krupp genealogy and chronology of the company through the Nuremburg trial and postwar struggles to the end and dissolution of the firm in 1968.  

Used condition - Last one available!

$15.00 US$ delivered in the USA


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