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We are very proud to be able to offer this fantastic original

R. H. Brown Co. Yacht Signal Cannon

In excellent condition!

Sorry Sold!

Brown Cannon

Manufactured between 1888 and the very early 1900's!



Manufactured By

R. H. Brown Co.

New Haven Conn.


 Bore: .75 inch

Barrel Length 12 inches

Height: 9 inches

Weight: 10 lbs.

Dated: Late 1800ís to early 1900ís


Made By

R. H. Brown Co.

New Haven Conn. USA

Lavigne Pat. July 31-88


 This incredible cannon is in pristine condition and over a hundred years old! It has been in one family for fifty five years!  These yacht cannons are extremely rare and just about impossible to find in this condition!


It fires with a sophisticated firing pin hitting 10 gauge blank shells that are still available! 


Plus $35 for shipping and insurance. Located in the USA for quick delivery.

Listed December 27th 2008



Original Serial Number on carriage in #2!

The R. H. Brown Company appeared in New Haven, Connecticut in 1888. They started to advertise their yacht signal and salute cannons in 1889. They went out of business in 1912. During that 23 year period they produced some very fine, and distinctive yacht cannons.

The lanyard design is quite unique. The design was awarded patent no. 421,730, to J.P. Lavigne on February 18, 1890. There isn't any need to cock the cannon. It is fired by pulling the lanyard, which "pulls" the firing pin to the shell. The firing pin is spring loaded so that it is always toward the rear. Also, the breech doesn't lock into position, rather it just closes. There is a mystery as to how Brown used the design, as there was also another Yacht cannon company in New Haven, Connecticut under the name of Lavigne & Scott Mfg. from 1894 to 1898.

Brown cannons were also scaled and made in different sizes.

home pageShippingannins Wated

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