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1917 Italian Mountain Cannon "Cannone da 70/15"

Sorry - Sold 9/17/2011

1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale

The "Cannone da 70/15" was a mountain gun was used by Italy during World War I.

By World War II it had been relegated to an infantry gun and was assigned to the units of the Italian East Africa Corps.

Cannone da 70/15 For Sale

As it lacked a modern recoil system and was virtually obsolescent upon its introduction in 1904. But it took the Italians almost a decade to field the Cannone da 65/17 Modello 13 as its replacement. It was gradually phased out of the mountain role and transferred to the infantry as an infantry gun.

That cannon was largely used during the Campaign of Libya (1911 -1913) and in WW1.  In WW2 it was too obsolete to be used, but some examples were still used in Libya and Ethiopia.

1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale

The very rare gun that is offered here is the very first one like it we have ever seen available for sale - anywhere - at any time - for any price!

It is in remarkable condition and has been stored in a barn for many many years!  There is virtually no rust!

Please excuse the temporary photos shown here as they were taken where it was discovered in storage. 

New photos will be available soon if it is not sold immediately.

We will be taking it outside and washing it and doing new photos next week.

1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale    1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale

(Note that the braking system and the optical sight is included. The sight was most likely added in WWII)

1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale 1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale  1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale


Number on Breech: 4679 - (the 4 is really faint)

Numbers on Body: N 607
ARSENALE NAPOLI 1917 (Naples Arsenal)
KG 298
N 492
On muzzle:
1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 = There are four lines dividing the barrel into quarters and these numbers are around them.

Markings on side of iron pivot axel.
F GA 2992-M
LA 7699

Barrel Length: 45 1/4"


  1917 Italian Mountain Cannon For Sale

It is just about impossible to find a World War 1 cannon it this pristine original condition.

We spent many hours searching for information on this cannon and only found one in a museum on display.  Please see the photos below to see the "condition" of that one and compare to ours.  It is incomplete and missing the braking system and shows a "hard" life.

Sorry - Sold 9/21/2011

1917 Cannon

Shipped to buyer on 10/11/2011


This is priced for a very fast sale at: $19,995 US$

   Italian Mountain Cannon 70mm   1917 WW1 Italian Mountain Cannon


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Last up-dated on 10/12/2011

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