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1911 3 inch United States Marines Mark VII Landing Gun

Sorry sold!

1911 United States Mark VII Landing Gun for sale

Photo of its "mate" with modified armor!

  • This gun was designed by RH.M.F in 1908 and was manufactured by American & British Mfg. Co. Of Bridgeport Conn.
  • These guns were the mainstay of the United States Marines from 1911 to just before the introduction of the 75mm pack howitzer in World War 2.
  • We have researched to see whether any are represented in US Government or private museums and come up none in stock! It is probable that all of these guns were sold to the Dutch Government before the fall of the Dutch East Indies to the Japanese in 1942 and exported to Australia.
There are only two intact guns left in Australia, as far as we know, and we have seen almost all of what is out there. This is the ONLY one that is for sale we know of ANYWHERE in the world!
  • They were reworked for Martin Parry gear, but could be returned to wooden wheel configured reasonably easily.
  • Functioning traverse, elevation and breech block opens and shuts. Minor breech block components are missing.


1911 United States Mark VII Landing Gun for sale 

1911 United States Mark VII Landing Gun for sale

Note: The Japanese cannon in the background! Is a Japanese Type 38 Field
Gun, that was featured in the movie with Nick Nolte "The Thin Red Line" is not for sale now.
It's stable mate, a small 75mm Type 31 Mountain Gun will be offered here shortly!

The cannon for sale is on the left!