Original Austrian 1883 Skoda 7cm Bronze Mountain Cannon

A Fantastic all original rifled-bore breech loading black powder firing cannon!

Very few known to exist in the world and the very first one we have ever seen available for sale!


This great and extremely rare Skoda Austrian Mountain Cannon is what is referred to as a "Bag Gun" and requires absolutely no registration in the United States with the BATF. As they were fired with separate bags of powder and a separate projectile - they are exempt from all registration.

Complete with the original Carriage as shown in the photos.

Carriage: Original steel construction with original wood wheels. With the following Markings: W-n 93, a V (same as on the barrel) and a symbol for the manufacturer.
Barrel length: 39 inches
Barrel Diameter at the breech: 6 inches
Overall length: 65 inches
Height: 37 inches
Weight of barrel with breech block: 196 lbs.
Weight of Breech Block: 49 lbs.
Powder charge: .35 lb.
Rifled Bore: 23.8 inches
Powder chamber: 11.8 inches
Fired with friction primer

Sorry Sold July 2011


              Skoda Mountain Rifle

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