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Welcome to the world's largest online source for genuine antique, World War and reenactor black powder cannons for sale!  We currently have hundreds of links to cannon related websites. We also have a large selection of new and used Black Powder Reenactors cannons available in all sizes and types. All cannons are wholesale priced to private collectors, reenactors and to dealers! We currently have well over 100 cannons available that are priced from $39 to $104,950 US$, including an estate of a collector's cannons. Also, we have extensive research information on cannons here.

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We are cash buyers of "all types of cannons" located anywhere in the world. Or we will list your cannon "for sale" here on consignment free until it sells with a very low commission rate!  We will also consider a "trade in" on most cannons. Above are some we need urgently!


Seven original Antique Iron Cannons available in the USA and the UK!

Prices just reduced on several cannons! Including a very rare matched pair! As low as $195 to $39,950 US$!


South East Asian & Portuguese Bronze Rail Cannons from land and shipwreck sites!

Currently we have 14 of these currently available with some dating back to 1527 and over 8.5 feet long priced as low as $3,795 US$!

    Huge pair of Lantakas for sale  

 Portuguese Bronze Rail cannon for sale
Bronze Rail cannons for sale Portuguese Cannons for sale

American Revolutionary War, United States Civil War, Reenactor Cannons including a blank firing Gatling Gun!

                Reenactor blank firing Gattling Gun for sale 

We currently have 10 iron, steel, & bronze full scale reenactor cannons available (3 with Limbers - 2 w/trailer) that are priced from $7,500 to $17,950 US$.

Scale Black Powder Reenactor Cannons

Three pieces currently available and sale priced!

Black Powder Cannons & Mortars

 10 Gauge Blank Firing Steel cannon for sale Unique 1800's 4 Gauge Yacht Signal Cannon for sale






We have over 30 black powder cannons, 4-10 Gauge blank firing cannons & 2 mortars right now, most are brand new - some 130 years old! Prices start at only $39 US$ for barrels only! Many are "one of a kind" pieces and made by master cannon craftsmen!



Black Powder Mortars For SaleBlack Powder Cannons for sale naval

Spanish-American War to World War One Artillery  (and before) 

  1885 Hotchkiss Rotary cannon for sale  British Gardner - Gatlin Style Gun  World War 1 French 75mm Field Gun  Dated 1918 for sale 

We currently have six pieces available from USA, France, Britain, Japan, & Nepal.

Original World War Two Artillery!

Currently we have 21 pieces available from USA, Britain, Austraila, Germany, Japan, Finland, & Russia. One of these (a French 25mm) is capable "live firing" as is.


USA, French, German, Austrian, Japanese, & Russian WW 1 & 2 and earlier Artillery  available now!

  British 25 Pounder field cannon for sale 
27  pieces currently available in the USA and Europe.



We have a large number of unique items from both World Wars available and a 1958 Hawker Hunter Supersonic Jet!

  1942 restored Harley Davidson WLA for sale now!  Harley Davidson WLA with side care available!  1958 Hswker Hunter supersonic Jet for sale!

Original United States Civil War Cannons

Original Civil war cannons are ALMOST impossible to find anywhere!
We have six in stock for immediate delivery and two can still be fired! Also, two museum quality reproductions! Prices start at $1,195!

United States Life Saving Service, U. S. Coast Guard, a Model "C", & other "Lyle" Line  Cannons & Hand Held Line Guns

   Lyle Model "C" life saving cannon from early 1900's for sale Life saving line guns for sale Rare 1st Generation Whaling Harpoon Gun for sale

We currently have only three Lyle cannons available right now dating from the very early 1900's to World War II. Priced to $8,995. US$.

We also have four (4) very rare and almost impossible to find firing mechanisms for Lyle cannons in both brass and stainless steel.

We also have nine Line Guns available at this time priced from only $350 each! We also have two antique wailing harpoons available.

Low Priced Cannons - New and antique - Non-Firing Cannons and Mortars